What I Didn’t Like About The Circle (Movie)

Let me begin by saying that I did not read the book. Actually,  before I saw the previews of the movie I did not even know what this book existed. I know, it is popular and controversial, but there are so many books on my TBR list, that I am bound to miss one important one every now and then.
But what drew me to the adaptation was the strong cast that was chosen for this movie including Tom Hanks and Emma Watson. Both of them are amazing character actors who can bring a lot to a story, so I had high hopes for this movie that covered such a current and trending subject matter.
And on top of that, I was already invested, as I have been watching the now-canceled show, Wisdom of the Crowd, which I really liked.
Both deal with the power of the internet and what can be done with the technology that always seems to be connecting us. But unlike Wisdom of the Crowd,  The Circle covers the negative side of this, which is the take I wanted to see when I chose to watch this movie.
Instead of getting a well thought out and thought-provoking entertaining ride I witnessed a half-baked, boring story with acting that left a lot to be desired.  Emma Watson’s performance was wooden boring and surprisingly lifeless. Tom Hank’s contribution was not much better.
The other, smaller characters almost felt cartoonish and even though they were meant to be over the top, they were distracting and annoying. I am not sure, what I was expecting, but absolutely not that – without having any prior knowledge of the source material, I came to it with an open mind and left feeling disappointed, and confused. 
After watching this movie I am not sure if I’m going to be reading the book considering that this adaptation was so surprising it bad.
Maybe in a few months after having gained some separation from the visual I will return to the subject matter and share with you what I thought about the book.

Adaptation rating

2.5 out of 5 stars.

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  1. Thanks for your review.

    I personally haven’t read the book either but have seen the trailer and was attracted to the movie because of the cast. Emma Watson and Tom Hanks I thought, surely you can’t go wrong?

    But now after having read your review I might not prioritise this movie anymore. Looking forward to your review of the book 🙂

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