The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance for participants to share their blog’s news about the past week, reading recaps, new hauls, and a lot of other fun stuff.

I have decided to participate in The Sunday Post by Caffeinated Book Reader, simply because I have run across a lot of fellow book bloggers participating, and really enjoyed everyone’s posts. I hope you will join them and me, every Sunday, and give them some love!


This past week on this blog:

Lily’s Trust by Lilli Carlisle – A Urban Fantasy Romance (Giveaway)

Enchantress Undercover by A.C. Spahn – A New Adult Urban Fantasy Novel (Giveaway)

Building Celebration House by Annette Drake – A Paranormal Romance Novel (Book Review)

Next week on this blog:

Starting Tuesday, I will be participating in another weekly blog hop, called Top Ten Tuesday. Every week, there is a topic suggestion, related to books, and participants write about their take on the challenge, “top ten style”. So look out for my first Top Ten Post to be live this upcoming Tuesday

I am participating in some really cool blog tours over the next few days as well, including giveaways. So far I have scheduled the following:

Book Blitz And Giveaway: The One & Only by Maria La Serra (Monday)
Top Ten Standalone Books That Need a Sequel (Tuesday)
Book Review: The Sheikh’s American Fiancee – Leslie North – A Contemporary Romance Novel (Thursday)


Books I bought this week:

Spell Booked by Joyce and Jim Lavene

Freefall by Tess Oliver

If I Didn’t Care by Kait Nolan

The Sauces Cookbook by Teresa Moore


ARC’s I received this week:

Death in the Covenant An Abish Taylor Mystery by D. A. Bartley (release date August 13th, 2019)

Buried in the Stacks A Haunted Library Mystery by Allison Brook (Release date Sept. 10th, 2019)

Triggered Response Security Breach Book 3 by Patricia Rosemoor (Release date March 15th, 2019)


Books I added to my “to read list”

Blue Moon: A Jack Reacher Novel by Lee Child (release date October 29,2019)


Quick Week Recap:

Last Sunday afternoon, I decided to watch the pilot of Westworld (it’s on HBO). I know I am late to the series, but I am usually busy reading. However, I simply could not concentrate on my current read at all – even though I really like “Cat Got Your Crown” so far – but I was just too tired, and “brainfoggy” to keep up with anything remotely requiring coherent thought.

Now I am hooked, not only because the acting is superb (the cast includes Anthony Hopkins, Evan Rachel Wood, James Wright just to name a few), with a cast like that, I would not expect anything else, but the story is truly well done, and unlike anything I have watched before. I am absolutely going to watch the entire series. I am just trying not to do it in one session – some self-control here, I need some STAT!

During the time, I was not catching up on this great series, I spent a lot of time over at Wealthy Affiliate, taking some lessons to improve this and my other blogs, that I hope to implement in the near future. I am pretty excited about what is in store over the next few months – as I am planning on making this year my (well, you can fill in the blank here, lol).

My daughter is feeling better after her dental surgery, which made this worried mama happy. Now that we got that behind us, next week we are going to go back to our usual schedule of way too much work, and way too many doctor’s appointments.

What have you been up to over the last few days?

This week’s favorite quote:



  1. I love reading books. It’s sad to see that this is becoming a dying culture especially, with the advances being made technologically. I like the cover of If I Didn’t Care by Kait Nolan, must be a really soft and relaxing read.

    Your quite of the weak leaves me with encouragement, I always believe that through the pages of books, we can interact with generations before us, and leave a legacy for the generations to come.

  2. Thank you, Claudia, for this amazing post about books. Firstly, Cassandra Clare’s quote really got me thinking because I don’t really fancy literature and poetry. It is never easy catching up to series anytime one is behind. But I need to start cultivating the habit of reading books and needs to start investing in it heavily. I need to draw motivation from this post. Thank you, Claudia,.

    1. Author

      my pleasure – I could not imagine my life without books. They got me through pretty rough times during my childhood, and throughout my life, not only by giving me someplace to escape to but also by giving me hope for a better future. I hope they will do the same for you. 

      Blessings, and thank you for stopping by! 

  3. Nice one. The last one week has been quite exhausting for me, to the point, that I have to reject some freelance writing offers, which i hardly do. As a new premium member .on wealthy affiliates, I needed time for my time to go through the lessons and how I can apply it practically. I’m always on the system as early as 7 am in the morning, and most time I stay late till after 10 in the night to meet up with job demands. I hope I have more time this week to read more on the lessons on WA.

    1. Author

      oh wow, I hope you make sure that you take care of yourself. Yes, the lessons on Wealthy Affiliate can be overwhelming, if we don’t pace ourselves. And there is so much to learn. Sounds like you got the right attitude though when it comes to being successful! Blessings! 

  4. I am anticipating to read more of your block posts which you have already kept in stuck because your posts are usually interesting and engaging.  For the past few weeks I have been reading a motivational book titled Goals by brain Tracy and it has engaged me so well while at the same time going through my training at Wealthy Affiliates. I am convinced that this year is gonna be a very successful year for us all who put our hard work together. 

    1. Author

      Indeed – hard work is the only way we can get there, after all!

      I am going to put “Goals” on my to-read-list – thank you! 

  5. Hi Claudia! Thank you for your giveaways. And I find it fun you have decided to participate in The Sunday Post by Caffeinated Book Reader. I also appreciate whats coming up for this week (specially looking forward to read about the Top Ten Standalone Books That Need a Sequel).

    I have also read on your Quick Week Recap about Wealthy Affiliate. Are these lessons in audio or text?

    1. Author

      hi Henry! Thanks for stopping by! I absolutely love the Caffeinated Book Reader’s blog, so if you are looking for a great blog to read, you should check out all of her posts!

      Regarding the Wealthy Affiliate lessons – it depends. There are video and text lessons available on just about any subject that relates to blogging, making money with a website or blog, and how to market your blog. I love it! 



  6. This is lovely and insightful; One thing I love about this platform is the weekly meme being hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer. I also enjoyed reading Lily’s Trust by Lilli Carlisle – A Urban Fantasy Romance and Enchantress Undercover by A.C. Spahn – A New Adult Urban Fantasy Novel. I can’t wait to check on next week blog post. 

    Thanks for sharing

    1. Author

      my pleasure, see you next week! 

  7. Oh Jack Reacher is good stuff. I can’t even list the books I put on my TBR each week. It would be dozens. So I only list the ARCs I get and books I buy / or freebies. And I don’t list library books either because I always seem to have at least 10! Have a great weekend and enjoy your reads!

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