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Book Blitz and Giveaway: British Banger by Jennifer Woodhull – A Contemporary Romance Novel

Book Blitz and Giveaway: British Banger by Jennifer Woodhull – A Contemporary Romance Novel

    Title: British Banger Author: Jennifer Woodhull Publication date: TBA Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance Camden Takeovers are my business. Six months in Rhode Island would be more than enough time to wrap up my latest deal and I’d get to spend some time with…

Cover Reveal! Introducing Wolf by Giulia Lagomarsino (Reed Security, #19)

Cover Reveal! Introducing Wolf by Giulia Lagomarsino (Reed Security, #19)

Do you know what the most fun of being able to reveal book covers? Take one look below, and – you’re welcome, lol. Seriously though, Giulia Logomarsino’s book series Reed Security is a high-quality romance series that you should not miss, if you are into…

Book Review: Mudras for Beginners: Your Ultimate Beginners Guide to using Simple Hand Gestures

Book Review: Mudras for Beginners: Your Ultimate Beginners Guide to using Simple Hand Gestures

Book Details:


Title: Mudras for Beginners: Your Ultimate Beginners Guide to using Simple Hand Gestures

Author: Advait

Series: Mudra Healing Series Book 1

Genre: Self-help

Publication Date: May 18th, 2015


My Thoughts on the Book

While I am somewhat aware of the concept of mudras, I am however completely new to the practice of them. Which is why, despite being drawn to this book, I decided to do a little bit of research and check out a youtube video before reading further into Mudra for Beginners.

This little video has a nice overview of the concept, in case you are just as curious but clueless as I was.


Sounded interesting enough – even if somewhat foreign, but I felt that I was now a little bit more qualified to read (and ultimately judge) a beginner’s level book on the subject.

I don’t Mudras for Beginners is exactly for beginners though, that are new to the healing systems and concepts of India. I am also quite unaware of the details of Ayurveda, and therefore some of what was spoken of here would have required a deeper study of the principles mentioned in this book, before actually diving into the practice of Mudras. Just like with the concept of Chakra systems, the study outlined here takes a lot more to understand than a few paragraphs. That led me to believe that, even if this book says it is geared toward beginners, it will actually only be totally useful to someone with a little deeper knowledge of the origin and background of this practice.

And my hunch was right. While this booklet (and I can not really call it a book, as it is very short) has its strong points (which I will mention in a second) it is not more in-depth than the short video I have shared with you at the beginning of this review, and to be honest, I think you can learn more from videos like this one, on the subject than you can learn from this book.

The strong points where:

  • the individual instructions were short and clear, easy to follow and to understand
  • the illustrations were clean and also clear to decipher, and therefore helpful

However, those points do not make up for the lack of depth of the material presented. If someone is actually, truly interested in the Mudras, they will be left disappointed. To me, this little book felt more like a reference or refresher book for those who are beginning to study this subject, and want a place where they can remind themselves of a simple Mudra, that they are currently practicing.

As for the accuracy of the information, I have to be fair and say that (as I mentioned above), I am in no place to judge the strength and validity of the presented information because I am new to Mudras.



This book is too short and lacks too many details to be an actual introduction to the practice of Mudras. You are better to look for a different book on the subject or to work yourself through the many online courses and Youtube videos available.

Book Rating:

2 out of 5 Stars

Book Blurb:

(Source: Amazon)

Mudras have been in use in the East for thousands of years, invented in early Vedic Hindu culture and then practiced in Buddhism.
They have been used as a spiritual practice (and still are), as a way on the path to enlightenment.

They’re also used to cure physical ailments.

Sounds too good to be true!! But believe me, it is True!!

Do these Mudras while sitting, lying down, standing, or walking.

They can be done at any time and place while stuck in traffic, at the office, watching TV, or whenever you have to twiddle your thumbs waiting for something.

These hand postures help you –

#Cure Heart Problems

#Cure your Cold

#Increase your Concentration

#Relieve Muscle Fatigue

#Cure Diabetes

These Mudras are simple Hand Gestures that transform our hands into real “Powerhouses”.

Covering all you need to know about performing Mudras, this insightful, informative and fluff-free Beginner’s Guide will enable you to gain an understanding of a form of yoga that has already helped thousands of people across the globe.

From Building Character to Healing Emotional Pain,
From Bringing Luck to Connecting With The Divine,
Mudras can work wonders.



Bite Size Happiness – Volume 1 – A Little, Yet Powerfully Positive Book

Bite Size Happiness – Volume 1 – A Little, Yet Powerfully Positive Book

Are you looking for a little book filled with happiness? Then let me introduce you to Bite Size Happiness – Volume 1 by Jarls Forsman and Steve Sekhon Bite Size Happiness is filled with tiny nuggets of beautiful wisdom, that range from profound to simply…

Book Blitz And Giveaway: Crashing Together by Lyssa Cole – A Steamy Romance Novel

Book Blitz And Giveaway: Crashing Together by Lyssa Cole – A Steamy Romance Novel

Hi everyone! I got a quick and steamy standalone romance novel for you today! Crashing Together is as hot as this summer is already, so I hope you are prepared! No worries, the excerpt below is pretty tame, all the real hot stuff is waiting…

Best New Fantasy Novel: High King of Britain by Tracy Cooper-Posey

Best New Fantasy Novel: High King of Britain by Tracy Cooper-Posey

Welcome to my introduction to the best new fantasy novel (in my opinion, lol) High King of Britain, by Tracy Cooper-Posey.

If you love anything related to King Arthur, and historical romances, then you will fall in love with this novel as much as I have. The Once and Future Hearts fantasy series has been one of my favorites for a while now, so I am glad to have finally received the news about this newest installation.

High King of Britain is available on Amazon now

And as always, do not forget to enter for your chance to win a 25 Dollar gift card to the book store of your choice


Title: High King of Britain
Author: Tracy Cooper-Posey
Series: (Once and Future Hearts #5)
Publication date: May 30th, 2019
Genres: Fantasy, Historical, Romance

All she wants is to fight for Arthur and Britain.


Lady Mair is a daughter of Corneus—the house of perfect warriors—and wants only to serve Arthur, War Duke of Britain, as her brothers Lucan and Bedivere do. Yet King Alun of Brocéliande wants to make her his queen, which would mean leaving Britain and Arthur’s court.

Alun’s younger brother and Mair’s best friend, Rawn, sees things as Mair does—nothing is more important than being the best warriors they can be.

Only Mair is entangled in the politics of the kings and leaders surrounding Arthur, just as his army prepares to fight two major battles in one summer, and people wonder when Arthur will become High King of Britain.

Plus, Rawn is hiding secrets of his own, that run counter to Mair’s desperate wish to be free to fight for Britain.




After washing and exchanging her bloody war gear for clean leather, Mair ducked under the tent flap and went in search of wine, her mind calm, her thoughts peaceful. The battle had been won. It was time to celebrate.

Somewhere nearby, there would be a campfire with like-minded warriors sitting around it, with wineskins and cups. A place would be made for her.

“Lady Mair.” The call came from her left.

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Mair halted to look. The man who came toward her was black of hair, with a sharp jaw. He looked familiar. Mair took in his wide shoulders, and the strong wrists. He had washed and changed just as she had, so there were no house markings on his clothes or cloak to tell her who he was.

She glanced at his face once more as he stopped before her. He had thick dark brows over very blue eyes…and then she knew why he seemed familiar to him. “Arawn Uther,” she said. “You have joined Arthur’s army now?”

“My brother sent me, as he could not be spared himself,” Arawn Uther said. “Alun remains in Lesser Britain to hold the eastern borders with Hoel.” He reached inside his over tunic, underneath the cloak. “I have a letter for you, from Alun.”

The mention of a letter should have filled her with delight. Instead, Mair felt a twisting and tightening in her belly. “He did not send it by messenger?”

“Not this letter,” Arawn Uther held the sealed roll toward her.

The very slight emphasis made her hesitate as she reached for the roll. “Why this letter? You know what is in it, don’t you?”

Arawn Uther didn’t shift his stance. His expression did not change. Yet Mair could feel the wave of sadness that swept him. His blue eyes glittered. “My mother…Ilsa…” His throat worked.

Mair sighed. “Oh, Arawn… I’m so sorry.”

He nodded. Then he cleared his throat. “As you can imagine, my mother’s passing changes things.”

He did not finish the thought, but he did not need to. Mair could finish it all by herself. It changes things between you and Alun.

Alun had been pressing for a solid arrangement between them for years, via messengers and couriers, and letters like this one. Now, with his mother’s passing, he would reasonably expect to secure the next generation.

Mair looked at the roll hanging forgotten in Arawn’s hand. She didn’t want to read it. Once she read Alun’s entreaty that she join him in Brocéliande, she would be forced to make a decision.

Mair gripped Arawn’s arm. “It is not the time to tax our minds with such matters,” she said firmly. “We have clawed victory from this day. I was about to find some wine and I insist you come and drink it with me.”


She shook her head. “No. You fought today as I did. You now get to enjoy the warrior’s rights. Drink and…perhaps we can find you a willing, warm woman, to take that care from your eyes.”

Arawn rolled his eyes. “Really, Lady Mair–”

“Mair,” she said firmly.

“Rawn,” he replied, just as firmly. He narrowed his eyes and stuffed the letter back inside his tunic. “Where is this wine you speak of?”


Author Bio:

Tracy Cooper-Posey is a #1 Best Selling Author. She writes romantic suspense, historical, paranormal and science fiction romance. She has published over 100 novels since 1999, been nominated for five CAPAs including Favourite Author, and won the Emma Darcy Award.

She turned to indie publishing in 2011. Her indie titles have been nominated four times for Book Of The Year. Tracy won the award in 2012, and an SFR Galaxy Award in 2016 for “Most Intriguing Philosophical/Social Science Questions in Galaxybuilding”. She has been a national magazine editor and for a decade she taught romance writing at MacEwan University.

She is addicted to Irish Breakfast tea and chocolate, sometimes taken together. In her spare time she enjoys history, Sherlock Holmes, science fiction and ignoring her treadmill. An Australian Canadian, she lives in Edmonton, Canada with her husband, a former professional wrestler, where she moved in 1996 after meeting him on-line.




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A Hot Paranormal Romance Series For Adults:  Coven’s End Series by Lia Davis + Giveaway

A Hot Paranormal Romance Series For Adults: Coven’s End Series by Lia Davis + Giveaway

Adult Paranormal Romance Novels are without a doubt one of my favorite type of fiction books – and when I discover an amazing new addition to this genre, then I am compelled to let you (and everyone within earshot) hear about it! After all, what…

Book Review: Self-Discipline For Writers – A Quick And Motivational Book Writing Guide

Book Review: Self-Discipline For Writers – A Quick And Motivational Book Writing Guide

Book Details: Title: Self-Discipline For Writers Author: Martin Meadows Publication Date: May 1st, 2019 Genre: creative self-help, writing Publisher: Amazon Digital Services   No matter if you are a novelist, write non-fiction, or are a blogger, lacking the motivation to write as much as we…

Book Blitz and Giveaway: Runaways by Rachel Sawden – A Contemporary New Adult Romance

Book Blitz and Giveaway: Runaways by Rachel Sawden – A Contemporary New Adult Romance


Do you have a five-year plan? That may sound like a weird question to ask someone on a book review site, but if you have made long term plans, and see them fall through, after putting a lot of energy in the completion of that plan, then you can emphasize with the new main character Harper, in Runaway by Rachel Sawden.

Read the excerpt below, and find out more about how she will overcome her struggles, find the best partner for her, and make forge new paths.

Available on Amazon right now, and is available for free on Kindle Unlimited! 

And of course, there is a giveaway! Enter at the end of the post for your chance to win a signed copy of Runaway! Sorry, for US residents only.


Title: Runaways
Author: Rachel Sawden
Publication date: November 9th, 2018
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

Harper Rodrigues’ five-year plan was on track. She’d worked hard to secure her graduate marketing job, her boyfriend Adam was set to propose any day, and she was learning to process the death of her sister. She’d been through some dark times, but there was light at the end of the tunnel.

At least, that’s how it had seemed until the day she was fired in the morning and dumped by nightfall.

Now, with her life plans in ruins, Harper turns to her best friends who are going on the trip of a lifetime – five-months traveling across Asia and Oceania. Determined to see the silver lining in her unraveled plans, she decides to book a plane ticket to join them and resurrect her dreams of becoming a travel photographer.

But Harper’s travels aren’t all sunshine and cocktails. With Adam begging for her forgiveness and proposing on the eve of her departure, Harper knows she must be on her best behavior. But when she meets Xavier, an enigmatic poet on the beaches of Goa, that may just be easier said than done.


Date: January 8, 2010

Toronto, Canada

Where would you go if you could run away? Trek the tangled jungles of Thailand? Camp under the constellations in the Australian outback? Or run wild with your lover on white sand beaches in the South Pacific?

“Nowhere,” I whispered. My heels clicked on the linoleum floor, punctuating the spiel from my presentation echoing in my head. “I am exactly where I am supposed to be.”

How could I not be positive? I was one of the lucky few to gain and maintain employment in the shadow of the Great Recession. Fresh out of university, I might add. Granted, my working unpaid for TMI Marketing during my summer years gave me a leg up on the competition. While my job consisted mainly of making coffee, filing papers, and having my ideas ignored, I worked my ass off for the past three years. And today was the day my hard work would pay off. It was the day it all would change. The career side of my five-year plan was on schedule.

A fresh wave of adrenaline pulsed through me as I made my way down the hallway of very unflattering lighting to my boss’s office to discuss the presentation I’d given that morning. A discussion that would hopefully lead to a new position in the company. One where I could take on actual responsibility and express my creativity. Perhaps be involved in art direction. A business card with a title: Harper Rodrigues, Marketing Executive.

I would actually manage my very own accounts.

We had secured a new client, a travel website, Madcap Travels, who was looking to reevaluate their social media marketing plan and contracted my company to manage it. Myself and a colleague had made competing presentations for the job. Only one of us could gain the account. Only one of us could be promoted. Only one of us could win today, and I wanted it to be me.

I had never been so excited about a project, and so damn scared about presenting.

Inspired by my friends’ upcoming “gap year” travels, I created the Run Away campaign harnessing the power of this growing thing called social media. When Facebook became a buzzword a few years back, my father said it was just a passing fad used by horny college students too lazy to go to the bar and talk to each other. He may have been right, but once it had been opened up to anyone with an email address there were millions of lazy, horny people of all ages across the world skulking around on confined areas of cyberspace. And that is gold to a marketer.

In a nutshell, the campaign would focus on incentivizing both amateur and professional photographers who were traveling the globe to connect and share their stories and photographs on social media platforms. Top entrants would not only gain recognition on the website but also chances to win prizes from partner sponsors such as airlines, tour companies, and hotels. I poured myself into this presentation. Putting myself in the shoes of one of the many runaways, I imagined my life living out of a backpack, seeing a new city every week, learning from other photographers, finding remote waterfalls and villages from the whispers of other vagabonds.

It was what I hoped to do had I not abandoned my plans to become a world-famous travel photographer.

It was what I could do if I abandoned my carefully crafted five-year plan and took off with Jade and Lana.

It was what I wanted to do with my sister, Audrey since we were little girls. It was what we could have done if she were still alive.


Author Bio:

Rachel Sawden was born and raised in Bermuda. As the daughter of a Jamaican father and English mother the former model earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from McGill University in Montreal Canada. Today Rachel is an author, producer, and content creator in her beautiful island of Bermuda. The certified scuba and free diver explored the Great Barrier Reef and underwater worlds in Cuba and Indonesia. She is the ultimate travel maven having journeyed to over 35 countries across 5 continents since graduating college.




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Book Blitz and Giveaway: I Spy the Boy Next Door by Samantha Armstrong – A Young Adult Romance

Book Blitz and Giveaway: I Spy the Boy Next Door by Samantha Armstrong – A Young Adult Romance

I have another excerpt for you! Today, you can read a snippet of the about the be released young adult novel I Spy The Boy Next Door by Samantha Armstrong! And yes, the book is already available for pre-order, so you can make sure that…