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Book Review: Mudras for Beginners: Your Ultimate Beginners Guide to using Simple Hand Gestures

Book Review: Mudras for Beginners: Your Ultimate Beginners Guide to using Simple Hand Gestures

Book Details:   Title: Mudras for Beginners: Your Ultimate Beginners Guide to using Simple Hand Gestures Author: Advait Series: Mudra Healing Series Book 1 Genre: Self-help Publication Date: May 18th, 2015   My Thoughts on the Book While I am somewhat aware of the concept […]

Bite Size Happiness – Volume 1 – A Little, Yet Powerfully Positive Book

Bite Size Happiness – Volume 1 – A Little, Yet Powerfully Positive Book

Are you looking for a little book filled with happiness? Then let me introduce you to Bite Size Happiness – Volume 1 by Jarls Forsman and Steve Sekhon Bite Size Happiness is filled with tiny nuggets of beautiful wisdom, that range from profound to simply […]

How To Think Positively: The 90 Day Happiness Journal

How To Think Positively: The 90 Day Happiness Journal

Welcome to my review of How To Think Positively: The 90 Day Happiness Journal by Detlef Beeker

One aspect of reading self-help books, whether they are in the realm of general living, or even in business and productivity, is that the subject of Gratitude and achieving happiness, as well as positive thinking keeps on coming up, in various forms, no matter who the Author is. Because of that alone, I think it warrants a deeper dive into these concepts, which is why I have chosen to place more and more books about that subject are onto my TBR list.

One of these books was the newly released The 90 Day Happiness Journal.

Now, I probably have way too many books that also contain journal prompts, but the therapeutic properties of keeping a journal are not to be denied. The 90 Day Happiness Journal explains some of the reasons, specifically as it relates to gratitude.

Here are some of the points the Author made before getting to the actual journal part of the book

Note: The journal starts at about ¼ of a way into the book

  • Keeping a gratitude journal can turn into a mechanical activity, that one does automatically without much feeling. I agree with the author to a  certain degree on this, because anything repeated over a longer period of time, can become somewhat automatic and monotone, but that does not bring me to a conclusion to outright dismiss standard Gratitude Journals, with the same vigor as he has. Keep in mind, that any tool, is only as valuable as the energy that you put into it, and that goes for feeling grateful just as much as any other positive living aspect. If someone likens the writing in their gratitude journal as being just another part of a morning routine they ought to do, then yes – it is not worth very much. On the other hand, a motivated person will use this practice to transform themselves, by creating a more grateful habit throughout the day, beyond just a few minutes in the morning, or evening, as a part of their routine. It can become a springboard to a more positive overall lifestyle.
  • More importantly he leaves out one of the major  points that the Psychologist, Researcher and Specialist in Happiness he cites (Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky) makes about the creation of happiness, at this moment:  It is not only important to write a gratitude list, but include the why – the reason behind the gratitude – on the list as well, as this will deepen the emotional connection to the creation of the list, rather than just creating a list without any attachment or feelings. Strangely enough, he uses the questions of why throughout the book but should have given Dr. Lyobomirsky the credit here as well.

Enjoy this video by Dr. Lyobomirsky (the review continues below the video)



  • His suggestion to not judge yourself for whatever you are putting in the journal is a very important one. I completely agree with this sentiment. This is your secret journal anyway (I would not share my gratitude journal openly, but I have a spiritual relationship with keeping silence, and I consider my gratitude journal a part of my spiritual practice), so there is no one there to judge you on how profound, or small each of your entries are. Your gratitude journal is a judgment-free, honest and open zone, just for you. And maybe for whatever deity you believe in. But that should be it. 


I must confess, I ignored the happiness test – which is supposed to be measuring my current happiness level because I don’t see much merit in such a basic test of three questions, but it might bring some insight to you. I generally am not a fan of short psychological tests like that, so that I just my personal preference, not a judgment on the quality of the test.

The Question And Journal Section Of The 90 Day Happiness Journal

Before getting to the actual part, of the journal, the Author then chose to go through the questions in greater detail. As he explains, these questions will repeat themselves weekly (albeit a different day of the week) throughout this book, which I find a little disappointing. In a journal that features only 90 days of journaling, I expect 90 different journal prompts. Some books contain over 365 of them, or even more, but it was nice to have someone go through the intent of every question he wrote, which was an interesting little guide, that made a lot of sense and clarified some aspects a lot.

I liked that he mentions visualization – however, I don’t, and I don’t know many people who do, have the time to visualize for 20 minutes straight, as he at some point suggests. Even as a very creative person, I would have a very hard time, coming up with enough details to keep my visualization positive and focused. After a while, my attention would slip, and I might even dive into negative imagery, or not so positive aspects of an imaginary situation. That would be counterproductive. If you can stay focused on positive thoughts for that long- more power to you. I can’t. That is a little much to ask.

This length is only mentioned during the explanation section of this journal, while within the journal, there are no directions on how long someone is supposed to visualize. I would suggest, you do the length that makes you feel the most comfortable and works with your attention span.

He also added journal questions about laughter and recalling funny events, which I find very useful as well. Just reading the description of this specific happiness and gratitude technique made me smile.

After that, we arrive at the question that I found the most unique in this journal, and also probably the most powerful one.

“What didn’t go the way you intended last week? Find the positive. What could be the lesson and the blessing?

Finding the blessing and lessons in failures, and stumbling blocks are essential skills in cultivating a growth mindset and priming oneself for success. Negative situations most often hold a lot of information within them, and being able to look at them objectively is important. I have never seen this question in a journal of this type before, so that was awesome and profound.

How You Should Use This Journal

Because many of these journals prompt ask for a reflection back upon your day, this journal should be used in the evening to be the most useful, which I also find refreshing, as many Authors focus on the power of a great morning routine, rather than a well-thought-out evening routine.

My Conclusion

While I disagree with some of the points made by the Author, it did not take away anything from the usefulness, and depth of the journal itself, and I had to say, that even though I was as mentioned above, taken back a little by the lack of new prompts, it did not bother me as much, in practice as I thought it would.

However, I do use The 90 Day Journal in conjunction with my morning journal, in which I follow the prompts laid out in The Year Of You, which might contribute to the lack of feeling monotone. It is interestingly to mention though, that he was set on avoiding a monotony, but repeated questions, anyway? I found this, a very interesting choice. 

Overall, I consider this journal useful, and insightful, which is why I made it a part of my daily evening routine, at least for a few more weeks.

Available On Amazon Now! 


Is the repeating of some of the journal prompts a deal breaker for you, when you pick up a guided journal? I would love to hear your opinion on that subject.


Book Rating:

3.5 out of 5 Stars


Law Of Attraction Secrets: How to Be Your Own Genie by Radleigh Valentine – A Review

Law Of Attraction Secrets: How to Be Your Own Genie by Radleigh Valentine – A Review

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Book Review: The Sheikh’s American Fiancee by Leslie North – A Contemporary Romance Novel

Book Review: The Sheikh’s American Fiancee by Leslie North – A Contemporary Romance Novel

Book Details: Book Title: The Sheikh’s American Fiancee Author: Leslie North Genre: Contemporary Romance Publisher: Amazon Digital Services Publication Date: Sept. 24th, 2018 Warning: This is not a clean novel, but it is not erotica either   Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited!   Why […]

Book Review: Building Celebration House by Annette Drake – A Paranormal Romance Novel

Book Review: Building Celebration House by Annette Drake – A Paranormal Romance Novel

Book Details

Title: Building Celebration House

Author: Annette Drake

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publication Date: March 1st, 2017

Publisher: Baskethound Books

My Thoughts

I love anything paranormal, which is why I picked up this Building Celebration House,  after reading the blurb, even though I never thought that this book would have had a  deep ghostly bend,  especially judging from looking at the cover and just hearing the title.

The main character, a young dying woman (her new “second” heart is failing), who also happens to be a Nurse with a specialty in Cardiology, is the center person of this book, but she is by far not the only character that is easy to fall in love with. But, to get to the part where all of the main characters are introduced, the reader has to move through the quite dry and wooden first part of the book, that left me not as connected to the story as I wished it to be.

However, once Carrie arrived at her newly purchased home – The Celebration House – as she would call it later – the most interesting part of the story began. It is there, where we begin to learn about the history of the building, and its residents – dead, but very lively residents, with strong opinions, and a depth, that I loved – and get to experience the charming (mostly, lol)  interactions between them and the new owner.

While no part of this story is particularly heart-stopping, it is this smoothly paced, well planned out section of the book, that made me wish it would go on forever, or at least for a long while. The budding romance between Tom – a ghostly soldier who treats Carrie with the respect and tenderness she deserves – is for me the most important part of the entire story, because it drives toward the – somewhat predictable ending, but  it was charming and heart-warming enough, to make me overlook the predictability of that part of the story.

Sadly, once we arrived at the conclusion – and I will not spoil it by naming what actually happens – we are only treated to a very short experience of this so very important plot point of this book, a very short part that barely received more than a side note, and was somewhat disregarded, as if it was not as significant as it actually was. What a let down, after such a build up! It would not have taken much, to extend this part of the book to turn it from a somewhat disappointment to an epic novel, I would have had no problem recommending to anyone.

To be fair, I did enjoy the center of the story enough to say that it was somewhat worth the abruptness, and carelessness of the Author at the end. Overall, this book left me conflicted and wishing that Annette Drake would have given some aspects of the novel more attention, instead of only focusing on the middle part.

Available On Amazon Now

My Rating:

3 out of 5 Stars

Book Summary

Carrie Hansen delights in seeing others happy, the deep down kind of happy from falling in love or being with family. Well, okay, not her family. But she knows happiness exists, and she wants to surround herself with it before she runs out of time.
With her recent heart transplant a failure, Carrie purchases an antebellum mansion, the perfect venue for weddings and parties, and the perfect place to spend the rest of her days, watching others enjoy life. She just never expected to find love. Why, oh why, now? Much less with a ghost.
Maj. Thomas Gentry is a Civil War soldier who died in battle in 1861. While he’s not the only spirit Carrie encounters at the aging plantation, he’s certainly the most handsome. As restorations on the mansion progress, Carrie’s health declines, yet her relationship with Tom grows stronger. She discovers an inner strength and happiness she’s never known.
When renovation problems arise, Carrie doubts she can finish Celebration House in time. Even if she does, how can she plan a future with this man from the past?

About the Author

Annette Drake is a multi-genre author whose work is character-driven and celebrates the law of unintended consequences. She is currently polishing the last book in her Celebration House Trilogy, Return to Celebration House.
Annette makes her home in Washington state. A member of the Romance Writers of America, she loves ferry rides, basset hounds and bakeries. She does not camp.

What you should read next

If you like books who’s storyline entails a little longer timeframe, but come to a satisfying well-paced solution, you should read Emily March’s Eternity Springs Series. The books in this series can all be read as stand-alone novels, and it is not important to start at the beginning to understand what is going on in each individual novel. However, after reading one, I am sure you will fall in love with the series, as much as I have, and start devouring all of them!

This series also has a small amount of otherworldly feel, but not from the presence of ghosts, but more from the presence of a very central, very living part of the town in which it plays in.


Book Review: The Complete Food Substitutions Handbook

Book Review: The Complete Food Substitutions Handbook

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Book Review: Twelve Months Of Awkward Moments – A Intense Contemporary Young Adult Novel

Book Review: Twelve Months Of Awkward Moments – A Intense Contemporary Young Adult Novel

Book Details: Book Title: Twelve Months of Awkward Moments Author: Lisa Acerbo Genre: Young Adult Publication Date: August 30th, 2018 Publisher: Simon & Schuster My Thoughts I am not sure what I was expecting when I started reading this book, but I know I did […]

Book Review: Married To A Russian Kingpin by Leslie North – A Contemporary Romance Novel

Book Review: Married To A Russian Kingpin by Leslie North – A Contemporary Romance Novel

Book Review: Married to a Russian Kingpin by Leslie NorthBook Details:

Title: Married to the Russian Kingpin

Author: Leslie North

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publication Date: October 8th, 2018

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services

Why I picked up this book

I am a Leslie North fan. For the most part, this Author manages to deliver engaging distractions, in a short format, which is exactly what I use it for. Don’t expect any intellectual stimulation when reading her books though, but if you are looking for that in a romance novel than you are looking in the wrong place.

My review

Married To A Russian Kingpin felt rushed from the start, and a little silly. Every once in a while, Leslie North books are a miss – not often, but every once in a while – and this was the case with this book. It is not that the subject of arranged marriage in this day and age is quite as far fledged as I would like it to be, but this premise stretches it to its limits with the basic plot being: oh, my groom got killed on our Wedding day (apparently the age of the father’s bride), so I am now forced to marry his son . And to top it all of, the main character – Alexandra Volkin – falls for now husband so very quickly in a most unrealistic way, that makes absolutely no sense to me. It was entertaining enough to finish it to the end, but even the resolve of Married to a Russian , felt hurried and forced.

Leslie North should have chosen to take a little bit longer with this novel, stretching it from the novella format to a real novel, which would have allowed some plot development. That would have made a weirdly short story a much more pleasant read.

Available on Amazon


2.5 out of 5 Stars

Book Summary:

Viktor Sokolov doesn’t know if he should make love to his beautiful new wife… or kill her. Growing up with a father who held a high position in the Russian mob, Alexandra Volkin was thrilled when her parents signed a contract promising her to a Russian mob boss, even though she’d never met him. All she’d ever wanted was to be the powerful woman of a man everyone respected. So, when her intended is murdered and she is promised to another, Alexandra is nearly unfazed. One mob boss is as good as another. Besides, she can’t deny the strong attraction she feels for Viktor. Alexandra learned at a young age that sex equals power, and she’s about to exert a heavy dose of power on her new, coldly distant husband. It’s not long, though, before she learns Viktor believes her father murdered his own.

Through a dark twist of fate, Viktor marries the woman intended for his murdered father—and his lovely bride’s own father is the likely murderer. As the saying goes, though, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. It’s not so big a sacrifice when your enemy is your sexy new wife. Viktor doesn’t have the stomach for the brutal violence his father exacted on his enemies, but it’s almost a certainty that his wife’s father killed his own father, and that leaves him with little choice. Yet, while he can ignore his pretty wife’s pleas and her insistence that her father is innocent… ignoring how she makes him feel is a whole different challenge.

There isn’t a going to be a happily ever after for the two of them. Unless that is, she can prove her father’s innocence.

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