Romance Book Deal Of The Week – Kincaid by Mary James

Book Details:

Title: Kincaid: Cerberus MC Book 1

Author: Mary James

Deal: FREE!!!!!! *

Publication Date: March 10, 2016

Genre: Romantic Suspense

(* price as of 6/27/2018 on Amazon – subject to change)

Are you a fan of military guys and biker gangs? If proud, strong and protective men are your thing, then this romantic suspense called Kincaid will make you swoon – I sure did! . Let me tell you a little more:


Emily (Emmalyn), a battered, abused wife needs to get away from her husband, or he will eventually kill her. Kincaid (Diego), former Special Forces and all male happens to be at the bar she is working at – and that at the night, where her husband decides to use her as a punching bag. While you can imagine some of what happens next, this story is not as cookie cutter as you may expect.


While there are some minor irritations I had with the story – I wish Emily would have a little more backbone, she is not portraited as the fighter that she could be – overall I loved it. Their chemistry and her fears were believable and powerful, the struggle all too familiar with some of us who have been in abusive relationships. This is not a light-hearted subject matter, but it is packaged with care, and concern on all fronts. 

The well-fleshed side characters make me hope that the Author has a lot for them in mind – all of Kincaid’s friends should get their own story and a happy ending.


This was my introduction to Mary James, but it will not be the last book of hers I will be devouring



  • 4 out of 5 stars
  • Quick read
  • Steamy
  • Awesome lead character!


Book Summary:

I am Emmalyn Mikaelson.

My husband, in a rage, hit me in front of the wrong person. Diego, or Kincaid to most, beat the hell out of him for it. I left with Diego anyway. Even though he could turn on me just like my husband did, I knew I had a better chance of survival with Diego. That was until I realized Kincaid could hurt me so much worse than my husband ever could. Physical pain pales in comparison to troubles of the heart.

I am Diego “Kincaid” Anderson.

She was a waitress at a bar in a bad situation. I brought her to my clubhouse because I knew her husband would kill her if I didn’t. Now she has my protection and that of the Cerberus MC. I never expected her to become something more to me. I was in more trouble than I’ve ever been in before, and that’s saying a lot considering I served eight years in the Marine Corp with Special Forces




  1. It intrigued me when I read about Kincaid getting into trouble. I have to get this book to find out! Thanks for the review. I think I will enjoy reading this book.

  2. Looks like an interesting story – very up to date with the current crop of entertainment like Songs of Anarchy etc. I wasn’t getting the story you described from the cover photo – I guess the old saying ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ is absolutely true.

    Is this intended mainly for women – and do you have any other books geared towards guys specifically?

    1. Author

      it is geared mainly toward women, you are correct. There are a few new releases coming up soon, that are more in the Thriller and Horror genre. Any particular genre that you enjoy the most? 

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