New Year, New Reading Challenges – Welcome To 2019

Hi there, my dear readers! Happy New Year To You All!

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for sticking with me, despite my wonky posting schedule over the last few months. As both I and my daughter deal with health issues, blogging (and sadly reading) had to take a back seat. However, this year, I have decided to try my best to bring you more book reviews and book related updates and news, on a more consistent basis. Helping me along the way, are the book blogging challenges I chose to participate it – I find them to be a rather suitable accountability tool – at least they worked for me in the past.


You can join in as well – most of these challenges are open to new sign-ups throughout the year, which I find awesome, so don’t be shy, and participate!


Here is my list of book challenges I am participating in this year:

The 2019 Book Blog Discussion Challenge

Hosted by “Feed Your Fiction Addiction”, this book challenge encourages its participants to post a discussion-type post related to book blogging. This can be personal opinions about certain book subjects, things related to the day-to-day of book blogging, any opinion post (not review), or anything else you want to talk about – as long as it centers around books. You can sign up here, and choose which level you want to participate in. 

This year I chose to participate in the “Chatty Kathy” – level – which has the goal of 21 to 30 posts.


Book And Tunes Challenge 2019

This challenge is hosted by the awesome “Delighted Reader” Book Blog (which you really should check out, if you haven’t), and will be fairly simple in concept but exciting to participate in. For this challenge we are supposed to match music from any genre we see fit, with a particular book, and write about that. Again this challenge – like many – has levels, at which you can choose to participate in. I have chosen level two, which is the Dancing Diva level – at 25 books/25 tunes for this year. You can sign up for this challenge here

Read further for more challenges!

Contemporary Romance Reading Challenge

As many of my regular readers know, I love contemporary romance novels! Therefore it was a no-brainer for me to take the plunge in participating in this challenge hosted by “Andi’s ABC”. I am signing up at the Home Run Level – reading 16 to 20 contemporary romance novels this year. If you are up to the challenge and love romance as much as I do, sign up here


Learn Something New – Non-fiction Reading Challenge

Hosted by “SMS Non-fiction book reviews”, this challenge asks us to pick at least 3 books on any non-fiction subject that we want to learn something about this year. While I will not be committing to what books I will be choosing for this challenge at this time, I am willing to announce the topic – which is pretty much the topic of this year for me: Productivity. Because I want to rock 2019, and because I have more on my plate than ever, I not only want to learn more, but I need to learn more about this subject, and therefore I dedicate this challenge to it. If there is any subject that you want or need to learn about in the upcoming months, I highly suggest that you sign up here for more motivation! 


NetGalley And Edelweiss Reading Challenge 2019

Okay, I will admit, I have not been a good patron of NetGalley over the last year, asking for ARC copies but instead of reviewing them, I am leaving them on my Kindle, without ever giving them even a second look. That has to change, and therefore this challenge comes in very handy at this moment for me. In order to increase my review rate – preferably bringing it up to above 80 %, I have decided to commit to the Platinum level – which is 75 books. Yes, that is a lot of books, but I believe that I can do it – thankfully, I speed read – and I would love to see you slay your personal reading goal as well. Why not join the host “Reading Between the Pagesand sign up right now, right here


Read further for more challenges!

Pick A Theme 2019 Challenge

Every month, the host “She’s Got Books On Her Mind” challenges us to come up with a reading theme – may it be a particular topic, or genre, or anything else that groups books you’re reading together, in pretty much any way you see fit. The amount of books for each month is up to you – I have chosen to be a Novice this year – which means a commitment of 2-3 books per monthly theme. It may not be much, but because I love reading a variety of different types of books (outside of my favorite Contemporary Romance of course) so that I am not sure I can commit to more at this time. However, it is a start, and I hope that you will join me in this challenge as well. You can sign up here

My monthly theme for January is Health.


2019 RC – You Read How Many Books – Challenge

I am finishing this list with the challenge in which I can add all of the other books, I am reading for other challenges to. Hosted by “Book Dragon’s Lair”, this challenge invites us to read as many books of any type or genre throughout the year – but to make a commitment to the approximant amount. This year, I have chosen to consider the Young Adult level – which means that I will try to read a total of 156 books or more. I hope to surpass this number, however, even the best laid out plans can be derailed, so I chose a more comfortable number, that is achievable. How many books will you read this year? Share your goal, and link up here



Throughout the year, I will be posting updates on how I am progressing in these challenges, and what kind of obstacles or triumphs I encounter along the way. I hope I inspired you to try to read more books in 2019. If you are looking for more challenges than what I featured here, I suggest that you check out the extensive Master List, published by Girlxxo.


Happy Reading And A Wonderful, Productive 2019




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  1. Thank you for joining my Learn New Things challenge. Sorry about the error with the linky, it’s live now if you want to add your link now.

    On the topic of productivity, I absolutely MUST recommend my favourite book on the subject: Personal Productivity Secrets by Maura Nevel Thomas. Parts of it might be a little outdated now because of new tech but I really loved the book.

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