Kindle Unlimited Review – 8 Reasons I Think It Is Awesome!


If you are an avid reader, who prefers to consume books by the ton, then I am sure you have heard of Kindle Unlimited. Are you a member yet? If not, let me tell you 8 reasons why I think you should join now:

  1. Books listed are by no means low budget or cheap books – they include bestsellers! You may have the misconception, that books listed on Kindle Unlimited may not be the A-list of books – but that is far from the truth! From self-help books, business-related books, fiction and other non-fiction that are created by established and well-known authors, it includes something for everyone – even those books everyone is talking about!
  2. I can read multiple books at once – up to 10. Just like at the library, you are not restrained to only borrow one book, but you can get ten publications instead! So for those of you who read multiple books at once – like I do – this is awesome!
  3. Authors still get paid, while I only pay a monthly fee. Worried about how the Authors get paid? Don’t be – while the system is a little too complicated to mention in great detail here, the book authors are getting paid for every book read, if the reader reads more than 10 percent of the publication
  4. If I don’t like a book I chose, I can easily choose another one. No worries about returning books to a specific place – simply chose another book, and switch it out for the one you are either finished with or did not like. Amazon makes it easy for us!
  5. Some kindle unlimited books have narration – yes, you can get free audiobooks! Audiobooks are heaven, especially when you have a commute, so getting free audiobooks is awesome, in my opinion. There are plenty of the available selections available in this format.
  6. There is a 30-day free trial – free is good. You don’t have to take my word for it – you can try Kindle Unlimited out for free right now – you pay nothing for 30 Days!
  7. You don’t need a Kindle to use it (even though I have two a kindle Oasis, and a Fire HD), you can read/listen on your phone, or on your computer. Your smartphone, as well as your computer, can be used as a reading device, and the same goes for most tablets – simply get the free Kindle reading app, once you have signed up!
  8. There are constantly new books available, so I will never run out of things to read! Just like the rest of Amazon, the selection of Kindle Unlimited books are constantly updated, so no matter how fast you read, you will not run out of anything to read!



Current Kindle Unlimited Books, I highly recommend:

The Handmaid’s Tale – which includes audio

What, you have not read or watched The Handmaid’s Tale? While I highly recommend watching the entire series on Hulu – it is simply superb – you can get started by reading the book the series is based on – for free on Kindle Unlimited.

Say You’re Sorry by Melinda Leigh – A heart-pounding thriller, that is also a Bestseller

If constant action and suspense if your thing, then this book is for you – I love Melinda Leigh, one of my personal favorite Authors in that genre!


Harry Potter and the Sourcerer’s Stone (yes, the entire Harry Potter series is free on Kindle Unlimited! How awesome is that! ) ‘

I don’t think it is possible to read this series only once, and now you can do it, even if you no longer have a copy of your own – just borrow one from Kindle Unlimited!


The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People – a self-help classic, that everyone should read.

This book is on the list that I give people, if they ask me which books they should read at least once in their lives. So many self-help books try to mimik the depth that this classic has achieved, but they simply don’t succeed. Improve your live and read it for free!

Clean Eating Magazine – Time to get inspired to eat healthier! 

Yes, magazines are also a part of this subscription -anything from Horse magazines, to fitness, cars and tech – they are all there! I like getting inspired to eat healthier by reading this thorough and visually appealing healthy living magazine. Get inspired by borrowing the latest edition today!

Question: Which Kindle Unlimited Book is your favorite? Leave a comment below!




  1. Hi,

    This is pretty good. I can see it being really useful for students, who need to read multiple books at once.

    It wouldn’t be great for me, as I read three pages and fall asleep. This means books last me a long time.

    However, my wife reads books like a fat girl eats cake. I will be sharing your article with her.


    1. Author

      hehe, then I think it will be perfect for your wife – and cost efficient! If you think about how some ebooks cost more than 10 Dollars, so 1 book would cover the membership for a month – can’t beat that – blessings! 

  2. This is great! I do like to read several books at a time, and love that I can check out up to 10 at a time! I do not have a Kindle either, but have read several publications on my phone using the Kindle app. It sounds like I will have many choices of top notch books to read and 30 days to try it out, how can you go wrong?


    1. Author

      exactly! I almost always have my cue of 10 full because there are so many good books of every genre to choose from. Glad that you enjoyed the article. Blessings! 

  3. Readers are leaders. This is a good place to lay hands on motivational piece. Have once heard or read a tutorial on how to make  money from publishing Amazon kindle. What I see is that I can see a platform encouraging writers and authors. I also saw  that one can be renting or reading some books with just monthly subscription. Also the price the cost of getting those life changing books are not much expensive. So no more excuse not to read books again. 

    Nice article you have there. Will bookmark this site for future reference. Thanks. 

    1. Author

      you’re very welcome – glad that you enjoyed it – blessings! 

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