How To Get Free Online Book Reviews

If you are an Author, you are aware of how important a lot of good reviews are to your sales. When it comes to getting attention to your book, reviews add a higher value in the Amazon sales algorithm, and therefore your book will rank higher. Also, your credibility as an Author will be greatly increased if you have plenty of reviews for your books.


Keep in mind that it is better to have a lot of 4.0 review ratings, versus a small amount of 5-star ratings! The more reviews the better!


Here are some tips on how to get more reviews of your books

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  1. Ask your readers and newsletter subscribers. If you have an Author website and an Email list (you should absolutely have both to increase your ability to sell your books), then you can directly ask your readers if they could leave a review on Amazon, or Goodreads. I highly suggest you leave a clickable link directly in your newsletter to increase the chances of an “impulse review”.
  2. Contact book reviewers. Book reviewers like me, are often very happy to be contacted by an author (new as well as seasoned) when that means free books! You can offer either ARC copies – or copies of your already published book. Some book reviewers prefer a physical copy, while others, such as me are open to both physical and ebooks to review.
  3. Author exchange. Ask other writers in any Author group you frequent if they would not mind exchanging reviews. That way you both get the needed feedback, you so desperately want.
  4. Facebook groups. There are specific facebook groups where writers offer books in exchange for a review. That is a great place to find new readers who may otherwise never heard of your books.
  5. Ask on social media! If you have an already established following of any size, you can ask your audience if they would like a free copy of your newest book in exchange for a review. Many of these followers will already be your fans or are looking forward to becoming one so that you should have a rapid and fruitful response.


Of course, you can not guarantee, that if you hand over free copies of your books, that you will actually receive a review. In order to make sure that happens less often, always ask first before sending someone a copy, as this comes across as pushy, or they may not have already enough books to read and review, and simply do not have the time.

Question: Do you have an Author website? If you do, leave your website information in the comment section below! Published or soon to be published Authors only, please!


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