Guest Post: A Letter From An Author by Kirstin Smith

Guest Post by Kristin Smith:
A Letter From an Author
Dear Fabulous Reader,
Chances are, you don’t know me. You probably have never heard of me or my books. But I’m sure the cover has intrigued you somewhat, and so here you are, reading a letter from an author you know nothing about, and probably care nothing about. But that’s okay. I’m here to introduce myself.
My name is Kristin Smith, and I’m the author of Catalyst and its sequel Forgotten. To start off, there’s one thing you need to know. I always dreamed of having a book baby, of holding it and flipping through its pages. But nothing can prepare an author for the thrill of people loving their work. For readers reaching out and declaring that the Deception Game is their new favorite series. It’s like a Hallelujah Moment with angels singing in the background. It’s seriously the coolest thing ever.
But on the flip side, I know some people aren’t going to love it. Maybe the ending isn’t for them, or they’re not excited about the love interest (I haven’t heard that one yet, but you never know!). Whatever it is, it all comes down to one thing—publishing is subjective. I may love one book and you may despise it. Every time we read a novel, we are bringing all of our own “baggage” to the table. Certain things we’ve experienced can be like triggers, causing us to have different reactions based off our different experiences. And you know what the great thing is? We’re all entitled to our opinion. We can CHOOSE what we like and what we love and even what we hate.
When I first set out to write Catalyst, I had no idea I’d end up here. I mean, I’d hoped this would be “the one,” but there was no guarantee. Once it was finished, though, I knew I had something pretty amazing. And like an uncut gemstone, I polished and polished that baby until it shone. Am I proud of what I’ve created? Yeah, I think I am. Do I think everyone should read it? Of course! It’s a great story!
But then again, I AM a little biased. 🙂

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