Fast Five Friday – Cookbooks For Healthy Eating

Even in the time of Pinterest and multiple cooking blogs, I still love looking at cookbooks to get inspired. And even then, it is sometimes hard to move through the sheer amount of them available to find those who are actually worth getting and most importantly keeping. I have compiled a list of 5 cookbooks I truly enjoy and hope you will find useful too:


Super Easy Vegan Slowcooker Book by Toni Okamoto


Love the list of items that one should have in the house. Very visually beautiful, easy to follow along. My favorite is quick fix lentil tacos. No exotic ingredients necessary – which is a plus in my book.

While it does not contain anything super exciting, it is a very nice basic vegan slow-cooker cookbook, that should be a staple in anyone’s house who is looking for a convenient, healthy meal.


The Easy And Healthy Slowcooker Cookbook by Shannon Epstein


More detailed slow cooker-related tips than the one above, but then, some of these are specifically talking about meat prep-tips. Still, I liked the thoroughness of it. Some of these recipes I would have never thought about making in the slow cooker – for example, the granola recipe took me by surprise, but it was really good.

Healthy, easy to follow along, and again, as most books from this publisher – very visually pleasing.



The Healthy Meal Prep Cookbook by Toby Amidor


Again this is a cookbook that is not just focused on convenience but also on health, and accessibility, which leaves all of the non-common ingredients out, and instead incorporates the healthy bounty that is accessible to everyone.

I liked that she included a section of “Foods that will not freeze well”, and other tips and tricks, that may not be known to every reader. My favorite recipe in this book is the Hawaiian Chicken Skewers. I highly recommend this book!


Clean Eating Weeknight Plan by Michelle Anderson

Starts with a thorough explanation of what clean eating is, and the “guidelines” you should follow for your own meal planning. That is something I really enjoyed, because it helps to serve as a reminder, and is listed in such a convenient without fluff way, that it can be used as a reverence.

The shopping lists are great – as are the week plan – so this is not a book that just contains suggestions, but essentially a plan, that you can follow easily. My favorite recipe in this book Turkey-Couscous Skillet. Very thorough.


Question: What are your favorite cookbooks? Or have you switched completely to the digital version of looking up recipes? Let me know in the comment section below!


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