Detailed And Effective – The Key To Making Money On Craigslist by Steven Fies – A Book Review

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Until now, I have never read, or even heard of a book that specifically was written for making money on Craiglist. But why not, which is exactly why I jumped at the opportunity to receive a free copy of The Key To Making Money On Craigslist by Steven Fies (thank you, NetGalley – opinions are as always my own)

Craigslist is not a business model I have ever considered, but at closer examination (with the help of this book), I realized how similar it is to selling on Ebay. Which is one of the points I liked about the book – you can translate most of what you learn (and that is a lot), into your Ebay business.

The Key To Making Money On Craigslist is about paying attention to detail, from taking pictures (a chapter is dedicated to that), to pricing, to funding (another chapter) your inventory. I am also very happy about the fact that the Author talked about safety. Let’s face it, I have never considered this business model, for even a second, due to the potential safety concerns. Steven Fies has tips on how to stay safe during transactions.

I love the fact that he showcased real-life examples throughout the book, very detailed and open about every step of the transaction, and how he emphasizes on working within a nice (which is essential for any online business venture read more about niche marketing here).

The one thing I did not like is, that his data is rather outdated. He emphasizes on his statistics at the end of the book but mentions that they are from 2013. With a quickly changing market and advances in just about everything, such outdated data brings no more value. Anything before 2015 – heck actually anything before last year – does not give me any true insight on a potential money making opportunity. So an updated version of the book would be very useful.

That said, this book is still useful, as it contains evergreen points, that can be easily translated into an online business, or adapted to anything you want to try offline.

Book Rating:


4 out of 5 Stars


Book Details:


Title: The Key To Making Money On Craigslist

Author: Steven Fies

Publisher: Self-Published

Publication Date: December 6th, 2014

Genre: Business, Non-Fiction


Book Summary:


Visual Marketing from TailwindThe Key to Making Money on Craigslist features a complete system for building sustainable wealth through merchandise resale. Over the course of more than 275 pages, Steven Fies shows you exactly how he did over $20,000.00 in sales and earned over $6,000.00 in gross profit in one year on Craigslist – all in just a few hours per week. With a core focus on teaching you reliable and tested methods for profitable resale, this book delivers immediately usable steps to harness your business acumen and realize success.

In the book, you will:

●Learn how to analyze pricing, spot deals, craft killer advertisements, take intelligent risks, and negotiate successfully with others.

●Study real-life examples, actual transactions with buyers and sellers, and the underlying thought processes that lead to successful deals.

●Discover the hard and fast rules for instantly becoming more profitable and avoiding the most common pitfalls.

One chapter at a time, you will learn exactly what to buy, why to buy it, how to thoroughly research price points, and what to say to buyers and sellers to close deals. Graphs, screenshots, and even mathematical equations are introduced to help you grasp every concept in detail, so you can replicate the exact processes required for positive cash gains. Key concepts are reinforced and illustrated in context through insightful stories of the author’s transactions.

The first chapter provides a “bird’s eye view” of the entire system from a big-picture perspective. Chapter two supplies psychological tools to help you conquer your fears and develop the mental strength to take calculated risks. The human fallacy of Loss Aversion is explored in depth, including a startling explanation of how this phenomenon sabotages our ability to succeed – and how to put it in its place before it gets the better of you.

The third chapter offers several viable ways to raise money when getting started, even if you’re dead broke. By exploiting a relatively unknown gold mine, you are given the know-how to easily accumulate several hundred dollars in a short period of time – and you will learn exactly how the author turned an unlikely free item into $500.00 cash in a matter of weeks.

The fourth and fifth chapters provide business-planning advice to help you achieve a definitive focus for your buying and selling activities. By the end, you will approach your dealings with a firm sense of context, and know precisely how to accumulate relevant price and product information. Then, in the sixth chapter, you’ll be shown a powerful way to automate this information gathering and analysis to free up your precious time.

The remainder of the book builds upon this foundation with some crucial insights:

●How to always be the first buyer to respond to a new listing – without ever having to check the listings! (How to leverage technology to generate powerful automated notifications.)

●How to craft superior listings that demand higher prices for items that normally sell for less.

●How to avoid the classic mistake that immediately destroys sales listings every time.

●How to price your items to psychologically attract more buyers – all while raising your prices! (Plus, how to use this same tactic in reverse to your advantage when making offers to sellers.)

●Why you should conduct an economic analysis of your niche market and how to do it properly, based on textbook principles of Microeconomics.

●How to leverage trades to capture significant extra profit as a buyer or a seller.

●How to frame any email, phone, or in-person price negotiation for a win from the first moment.

This book instructs on solid business principles that can be applied in any number of transactional markets. Whether you buy and sell daily or infrequently, The Key to Making Money on Craigslist will ensure you consistently achieve maximum possible earnings.

Author Bio:

Steven Fies is a business professional with a passion for playing guitar, writing, surfing, and spending quality time with his family. He is the owner of his consulting firm, ThinkPlanLaunch, and has authored three best-selling books on

In his first sales position, he took the desk of a former rep whose annual sales volume was $225,000.00 and increased it to $500,000.00 within fourteen months. He now works full-time at his business consulting firm, ThinkPlanLaunch, where he helps companies build amazing teams.

In his first book, The Key to Making Money on Craigslist, he teaches you the system he used to do more than $20,000.00 in sales and generate over $6,000.00 in net profit in less than one year in his spare time.

In his second book, the 24 Hour Business Plan Template, he teaches you how to plan your business and validate your concept. The book is based on the same system he used to open his consulting firm in 2015.

His most recent release, Job Interview Tips For Winners, packs a short but powerful punch. Relying on his experience as an HR consultant, he teaches you how to ace your next interview and land the job you’ve always wanted.

Steven holds a bachelor’s degree in Management Science from the University of California, San Diego with Honors and Distinction. He currently lives in Austin, Texas with his wife and two chihuahuas. Find him on twitter at @stevenfies or his website at




  1. Very interesting post! I’ve never used Craigslist before. I used to sell on eBay and I’m not entirely sure if Craigslist was around then in the UK, but I will surely look up this book as I know it’s running in the UK now. I currently live in the Middle East I think the closest thing we have is dubizzle!?

    1. Author

      never heard of dubizzle before, but if it similar, then the same principles should apply. Good luck!

  2. Thanks to your review I will probably read this book. It sounds like another great way to approach business.

  3. Yeah this is a great article for me, because i have never used Craigslist before, but i have heard all about it, so i would like to learn, and now after reading your review of Steven Fies book, i feel that i should get this book i understand it and can implement some new strategies with it, i worry about getting spam replies on Craigslist, but really as long as genuine sales are more then false spam enquiries then it will be fine.

    Thanks for letting me know about this book, I’m seriously considering getting this soon!

    1. Author

      awesome. I hope it helps you in your business endevors. Good luck and have a wonderful week!

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