Cover Reveal: Pitcher Plant: A Pacific Northwest Suspense by Melissa Eskue Ousley

I love beautiful book covers! And as an herbalist – when I am not attached to a book, I am attached to some kind of herb, tea, or something else that connects me to Mother Earth – I am totally in love with the cover design for Pitcher Plant. I love the mixture of earthy colors, and signs of death (yes, I am weird like that, lol – I wanted to be a horror writer, when I was a kid). I can hardly wait to get a copy of this novel into my hands!

While you are waiting for this novel to be released you can read more about the carnivorous Pitcher Plants in the book “Pitcher Plants: A Fatal Attraction” by Jimi Huton. 


Title: Pitcher Plant: A Pacific Northwest Suspense
Author: Melissa Eskue Ousley
Publication date: May 12th 2017
Genres: Adult, Suspense

When Tawny Ellis spots a run-down fixer-upper on the Oregon coast, she and her husband jump at the chance to own a cottage near the beach. But as the expensive repairs turn their dream home into a nightmare, their marriage unravels. And worse… something is lurking in the house’s dark past.

Tawny’s daughter has a new imaginary friend that bears a striking resemblance to a little girl who squatted in the house with her drug-addicted mother. These illegal tenants have been missing for years.

The house’s previous owner is enraged with Tawny, the same way he was with the squatters. As he stalks her family, Tawny suspects that she knows what happened to the last people who slept in the house. Her family might be next.

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Author Bio:

Melissa Eskue Ousley is the award-winning author of The Solas Beir Trilogy, a young adult fantasy series. Her first book, Sign of the Throne, won a 2014 Eric Hoffer Book Award and a 2014 Readers’ Favorite International Book Award. Her third book, The Sower Comes, won a 2016 Eric Hoffer Book Award. Her fourth book, Sunset Empire was released as a single book and is also included in the bestselling Secrets and Shadows box set, a young adult collection. Melissa lives on the Oregon coast with her family, a neurotic dog, and a piranha. When she’s not writing, she can be found walking along the beach, poking dead things with a stick.

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