Book Review: Under The Shadow Of Doubt

I love the concept of this fast paced story. Under The Shadow Of Doubt is very suspenseful for a romance novel, with great twists and turns, and a gutsy main female character who would do anything for her daughter. Still, I did not like it as much as I thought I would. The dialogue was wooden, and not very believable, neither were the reactions of Jamie, who unlike Peta seemed to be too much of a pushover, especially considering what his supposed background was. He should have put more of a fight up with her, her brother more being the alpha male in this story, than
the lead male character.

Also, I did not believe that there was any true chemistry between the two, they just did not seem as compatible, as we
are made out to believe.

Other than that, I enjoyed the story, and while the author placed more emphasize on creating memorable side characters,
it was still not a bad book. I have read a lot worse. Entertaining, as long as you do not expect to be blown away.

Under Shadow Of Doubt is not the best introduction to a series.


Book Rating:

3 out of 5 Stars


Warning: This is not a clean novel

Book Details:

Title: Under The Shadow Of Doubt
Author: Juanita Kees
Series: Under the Law # 1
Publication Date: February 25th, 2017
Publisher: Escape Publishing
Genre: Romance, General Fiction (adult)

Book Summary:


She might be the biggest star in Australia, but she never forgot the small town she came from or the man she left behind…

Peta Johnson may be rich, famous, and adored, but it doesn’t protect her when the man she married turns out to be a monster. With her little girl missing, Peta will do anything to get her back — including returning to the small Western Australian town she vowed never to see again.

Jaime Caruso left his heart in Williams when he left to pursue a military career, but it soon shrivelled and died when he discovered the girl he loved didn’t love him enough to wait. Back in town to help his ailing father, Jaime struggles with the memories and plans to leave — permanently — as soon as possible.

But then Peta returns and Jaime gets swept up into the nightmare she is living. Feelings long buried soon bubble to the surface, and as they race to save the life of the daughter Jaime doesn’t know is his, they must decide if life — and love — really does give second chances.

Originally titled Fly Away Peta, Under Shadow of Doubt has been reworked and edited to give significant changes to the story


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