Book review The Significance of Sustainability

Book Details:
Title: The Significance of Sustainability
Author: Kyle Michaud
Genre: Sustainability,
Publication Date: January 1st, 2018
My thoughts
The Significance of Sustainability is a well-written, informative book, with an important message, no one should ignore. Yes, sustainability seems like a popular buzzword, but that should not deter anyone into looking deeper into what potentially can make the difference if we want to preserve our standard of living for future generations to come.
Written with great respect and completely from the heart, without being too preachy, but by showcasing the importance of the choices we make right now, this book is not only for those who are already well read on the subject matter but also for those who are new to living a more “green” way of life. However, I do suggest that you keep an open mind, and be ready to evaluate everything that you are doing on a daily basis. Otherwise, you will be missing the most important aspect of this book – taking action.
Book Rating:
5 out of 5 stars

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