Book Review: The Sheikh’s Secret Son by Leslie North

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romance novel, new release, Leslie NorthThe Sheikh’s Secret Son is the conclusion of the trilogy by Leslie North called Sharjah Sheikhs, and I enjoyed every moment of it. Despite the fact that I truly enjoyed The Sheikh’s Forced Bride and The Sheikh’s Accidental Heir, I thought this book was my favorite because I was able to connect with the two main characters the most.

I enjoyed the humanitarian angle of the book, the responsibility this young Sheikh took for his country, and the fact that he was ready to face a truth that was not only uncomfortable but potentially dangerous for him. Like most Leslie North books, this novel focuses more on the relationships, rather than making suspense, and in-depth mysteries the center piece, but that does not mean that she did not include enough action and turmoil outside of their relationship and bedroom, to make The Sheikh’s Secret Son, not a simple formula contemporary romance.

Yes, the Sheikh and Billionaire romance novels seem like an overdone subject matter, but Leslie always seems to be able to place her own stamp on this type of romance novel to make it sound a lot less cliché than you might expect.

The Sheikh’s Secret Son is a quick read, that I was not able to put down – actually, I binge read it in one setting as I tend to do with most of the books with this Author because she simply does not let me go.

The Sheikh’s Secret Son can be read as a standalone novel but is better when read in sequence within the trilogy.

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Book Details


Title: The Sheikh’s Secret Son

Author: Leslie North

Series: Sharjah Sheikhs

Publisher: Relay Publishing

Publication Date: March 9th, 2017



Book Rating:


5 out of 5 Stars


Book Summary

Sheikh Zaid is always in control. As the son of the Sultan of Sharjah and the middle of three brothers, he’s spent his whole life being groomed for leadership. When a diplomatic tour from the U.S. comes to Sharjah, he makes it his business to ensure that he makes a good impression, but the surprising return of an old flame shocks him to the core.

Rebecca Reid is a foreign aid representative with no time for ostentatious displays. She wants to see the gritty realities of Sharjah, not the polished façade. But when she finds the diplomatic tour she’s joined is being led by the same man she had a wild affair with five years ago, it complicates matters.

Now, Zaid and Rebecca will have to join forces to save the poverty-stricken residents of Sharjah from a corrupt adviser who is diverting relief funds. It’s time to unearth the flaws no one wants to acknowledge for the sake of the future and their four-year-old son.



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