Book Review: The Sheikh’s Christmas Present by Leslie North

If you are looking for realism, you might want to consider reading another book. Actually, if you are looking for realism in romance novels in general, you are reading the wrong genre. To me, romance novels are about escape, fantasy in a somewhat relatable setting and entertainment.

The Sheik’s Christmas Present is that exactly. An entertaining ride, that features charming characters who are trying to make the best out of situations they have been put in. Yes, I was a little bit put off by how much the female main character, Maria Walken, disliked wealth and money, almost a little too much, but I have actually met a few people who think of being wealthy equals being a bad person, no matter if there is evidence to the contrary.

My dislike of Maria was counterbalanced by the charming, somewhat overbearing male lead, Jarik, who had his own agenda, and would stop nothing from getting him there.




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I did, however, find the whole “Christmas setting” at the end overbearing. The subject matter centered around Syrian refugees and the Middle East, not exactly the place where anyone would be too eager to celebrate a Christian holiday.

This little unrealistic romance made for an entertaining read, perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

I received an ARC copy of this book from NetGalley in return for an honest review.

Book Rating

3 out of 5 Stars

Book Info:

Title: The Sheikh’s Christmas Present (Shadid Sheikhs Series Book 2)
Author: Lesley North
Publisher: Relay Publishing
Publication Date: December 14th, 2016


Book Summary:

The Christmas season is a time for giving, and pilot Maria Walken has a planeload of gifts she’s gathering for Syrian refugees. Her charity has gotten a bad rap, and this time she’s determined to get her cargo delivered in time for the holiday. When a businessman shows up in need of a lift, she can’t stand his display of wealth…or the way he takes her breath away. But when he offers a large donation to her charity, Maria can hardly refuse.

Sheikh Jarik Shadid is trying to make it to Lebanon to testify against a former friend. With his need for discretion and few options to choose from, he’s more than willing to contribute to Maria’s charity in exchange for a seat on her cargo plane. But as a freak snowstorm blows in extending their travel plans, Jarik’s sensible exterior is starting to crack under the beautiful weight of the principled pilot.

Maria always promised herself she’d never fall for a rich man, but as they work to spread holiday cheer, she’s beginning to wonder if Jarik is everything she’s ever wanted for Christmas.

Happy Holidays!



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