Book Review: The Sheikh’s American Fiancee by Leslie North – A Contemporary Romance Novel

Book Details:

Book Title: The Sheikh’s American Fiancee

Author: Leslie North

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services

Publication Date: Sept. 24th, 2018

Warning: This is not a clean novel, but it is not erotica either


Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited!


Why I picked up this book

I pretty much pick up every Leslie North book that I can find.  Her novellas are always perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon, or for reading in the waiting room of a Doctor’s office, just engaging enough to keep my attention, but not so deep that is hard to pull yourself away from them, if necessary.

My review

Unlike a few recent Leslie North books, this novella left me wanting more while leaving me satisfied enough with the details and outcome. Nicely paced, with an engaging plot, and some twists, I could understand why the two people this book centered around fell for each other.

The setting was interesting as well, and at one point, the book even made me laugh out loud, which was nice for a change. That is not something I am usually used to from this Author. I hope Leslie will decide to add more humor to her novels and novellas in the future.

The tension and conflict within this book were not forced, but rather natural, and understandable, and even though the “villain” seemed a little bit two-dimensional, it was not too bad, definitely not enough to distract from the story.

Overall, I enjoyed this quick read. Good to see Leslie North at her best again.


4 out of 5 Stars

Book Summary:

Christina is in the tiny country of Kattahar for one reason and one reason only—she’s looking for a potential donor for her adorable niece who’s desperate for a kidney. While cleaning out her parents’ attic, Christina stumbles upon a family secret: her sister, Kasha, is adopted and her birth mother, Sabrina, a potential kidney donor, is living in Kattahar. With her world thrown into a tailspin, Christina heads to Kattahar to seek Sabrina out. What’s not in her plans is becoming involved with anyone, including the sinfully hot man she can’t keep her eyes off. But when he asks her to be his fiancée, she’s more than a little intrigued.

As desperate as Christina is to find her sister’s birth mother, Dakaric, King of Al Qalb, is just as desperate to keep power-hungry, crown-seeking women from distracting him from his goal of making his country prosperous. Christina just happens to be the perfect woman at the perfect time. She’s only in Kattahar for one week, just long enough to pose for some PR photos and prove his “fiancée” exists. If she agrees to the ruse to keep the gold diggers away, he’ll help her find Kasha’s mother. The only hitch in his plan is his growing attraction to Christina, who is beginning to look more and more perfect in every way.

But desert sand isn’t all that swirls around them. Secrets and lies threaten their blossoming attraction before it can take root. Now Christina and Dakaric must decide if they want their temporary engagement to become an everlasting one.

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