Book Review: The First Night Club – 20 Years Of Theater Reviews

Book Details:

Author: Lita Dolan
Publication Date: November 17th, 2017
Genre: Theater, Entertainment

My thoughts:

I have been a theatre nerd for as long as I can remember – and thankfully I am not the only one. Lita Dolan brilliantly described her experiences of the first showing of many stage shows she has experienced, and she takes along the ride in The First Night Club. And what an entertaining ride it is!
As someone who writes reviews – of course, considering that you are reading one of them at the moment – I could appreciate the detailed nuances and delicate handling of each review she presented in this piece, her humour evident throughout the lines, never taking herself too seriously, or waver away from the task at hand – pointing out the imperfections that make a stage play the pleasure that it can be (but sometimes isn’t).
I admire the charming descriptions, the details in each setting, that left me hungry – because she included deliciously detailed cafe reviews as well, oh how much I would have loved to join her for some of those meals. Usually, I am not that enthralled by the details of someone else’s opinion and rather compile my own – yet, this was different.
The honest added commentary to most of the reviews was refreshing, as it added to the frame of mind, or point of view at the moment of the review, which can affect someone’s opinion greatly. So I sincerely appreciated that extra insight.
If you are a reviewer, or a theatre nerd, or both – like I am – you will truly enjoy this entertaining and insightful The First Night Club.

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Book Summary:

I have been reviewing the opening nights of stage shows for 20 years.

Join the first night club. You are very welcome.

Nothing beats the thrill of seeing a show for the first time

A new show to a new city means a new audience and the first night begins again.

The first time of anything means a new idea is being born.

Each show has something to tell us about the human condition.

Here’s the proof.

I will be honest. Sometimes I haven’t always understood the work on stage so where that has happened I tell you.

And I may even have reviewed something you’re on your way to see

If you love a good story this is for you.

Maybe we have seen the same show and disagree. It’s amazing the conversations that spark up in the stalls.

In this book of reviews I capture that excitement for you to enjoy.

I’ve assembled theatrical hits of the past 20 years so enjoy two decades of great nights at the theatre without the taxi fare home.

Dig out an ice cream from the fridge and let’s get lost in the magic of theatre for an hour

and watch out for surprises on stage.

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