Book Review: Tea: A Recipe And Guidebook by Jenna Mars

It is Hot Tea Month! Perfect for this cold weather we are having here, so today, I wanted to share with you fitting of this months theme:

Tea book, non-fiction review, book reviewIf you like hot tea (or any type of tea, actually), then I highly recommend this delightful tea book called Tea: A Recipe And Guidebook by Jenna Mars.
While it is a short read, I truly enjoyed the details and heart that was put into this book, giving the reader not just tea recipes that are easy to create at home, but also additional details such as brewing times for the individual types of tea, and their health benefit. Actually, every tea recipe within this little book includes a quick introduction to the type of tea itself and any notable benefits of each. So this is not just a mere tea recipe book, but a gentle reminder why we all should include more of this wonderful beverage in our diet.

My favorite recipes of this book are:

Dark Chocolate Chai Latte
Rosemary Energy Green Tea
White Orange Iced tea

Each one of those – as well as the many others that I have tried from this book – is flavorful, easy to follow and
healthy, which fits perfectly in my families lifestyle.


Tea: A Recipe And Guidebook by Jenna Mars is available on Amazon right now! 

Book Details:

Title: Tea: A Recipe And Guidebook
Author: Jenna Mars
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Publication Date: January 31st, 2014
Genre: Non-Fiction, Cookbook

Book Rating:

4 out of 5 Stars

Book Summary:

This is the ultimate book of tea that will help you do just that. We’ll begin our journey with the history of tea and its benefits before moving on to special guidelines to help you brew the best cup of tea possible. In addition to the recipes that will follow, you’ll also learn about taking care of tea – keeping it fresh and flavorful, always – and growing your own tea garden! Although these teas have roots all around the world, the ingredients used for the recipes can be easily obtained in local supermarkets.

From this book you’ll get:
•a collection of delicious recipes for the major types of tea that are prepared with easily available ingredients
•basic understanding of the history of tea and why it is so good for your health
•a basic introduction of the different types of tea, the benefits of each, and how they are processed
•guidelines to brew the best tea
•guidelines to preserve tea

A glance at few of the health benefits of tea consumption:
•Tea helps in keeping the arteries clear of residue and hence reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack.
•Tea helps in maintaining stronger bones, courtesy of the phytochemicals present in it.
•Fluoride and tannins contained in tea help prevent the plaque formation, which in turn helps improve dental health.
•Antioxidants present in tea help to protect the body against cancer and the aging process.
•Tea contains less caffeine than coffee. Coffee usually contains two or three times caffeine as compared to the tea.

Are you ready for a cup?

Check out my recommendations on what you need to make the perfect cup of tea!

Happy Reading!



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