Book Review Show What You Are Made Of by Marie Frappier – A Honest, and Insightful Look Into Personal Transformation

Book Details:

Author: Marie Frappier
Publication Date: December 6th, 2017
Genre: Self-Help

My Thoughts

Show What You Are Made Of is incredibly personal and insightful, something that is rare to see. The honest evaluation is that the author has brought to this account of her life is refreshing and powerfully informative which is packaged in an easy to read and entertaining way.
It takes guts to evaluate your life in such detail in such public way and that made me respect the author tremendously from the get-go.
While encouraging us to do the same she allows us to do follow along and do the same work, by asking thought-provoking questions and sharing some worksheet style sections as well – another thing I did not expect but was happily surprised about.
I love how the author emphasizes the responsibility one has to their own life rather than blaming circumstances and outside factors.
This is not a standard, same old self-help book, but a personal yet relatable and practical book, that surprised me a lot. Show What You Are Made Of reads more like a memoir at times, but nevertheless contains deep and passionate lessons.
 I appreciated it the forthrightness and candor that is shown throughout the pages from Marie Frappier, which left me very impressed with the Author – hoping that she will decide to continue her writing career in this genre.

My Rating:

5 out of 5 stars


Show what you are made of is Marie’s personal odyssey, a detailed narrative of her wealth of experience and discoveries on the subject of love, finance, career, physical and mental well being. Show what you are made of will catapult you to a realm where you see how to discover your true self, what you are made of, and help you build a better life and future: It Is a sincere and authentic book that Is designed to create a close bond between the author and the readers. The book delves into a critical reflection of Marie’s experiences and underscores how to create the life you deserve, the book also provides you with the opportunity of reflecting on yourself. Show what you are made of is an eye-opener for all who care to take care of themselves, open the door of possibilities and opportunities, change their lives for better, and discover who they are easily. Do you want to be happy? Overcome the fear of failure? Or do you need to let go of some things and you find it hard? And perhaps you want to give yourself value and make better decisions ? Show what you are made of will assist you in your personal development journey.

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