Book Review: Pagan Power Chants by Blaine Ryker

While Pagan Power Chants did not floor me with excitement, I did not expect anything that I did not get. I wanted simple chants, from which I can build my own from, to fit my personal preferences and needs, and it did exactly that for me.

I like that Pagan Power Chants covers different topics, not just the usual money and relationship, but rather reaches through all areas of life. Health and healing are a large focus point in my practice as a Pagan and Witch, so I was happy to see some chants that covered that subject area.

Another chant I found pretty cool was one, that is supposed to help you with finishing a task. With so many distractions, and sometimes just simple procrastination, this is very useful, for as I can image just about anyone.

Overall, Pagan Power Chants was a good book. It could have elaborated a little bit more about the subject of chanting, but again for a 99 cents eBook I did not expect a large volume on the subject.

Book Details:


Title: Pagan Power Chants

Author: Blaine Ryker

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services

Genre: Spiritual, New Age, Pagan


Book Rating:


4 out of 5 stars


Book Summary


Pagan Power Chants contains over forty magic chants to assist you in your spell or ritual work, and in your daily life. These power chants are memorable so no matter where you are, you’ll have magic with you when you need it most.

Power chants can be used privately to give you an edge in dealing with people and during intense situations.
Chant to attract love or prosperity, find lost items, gain confidence, protection, and more.


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