Book Review: One Heart, Many Gods – The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Devotional Polytheism

Book Details:

Title: One Heart, Many Gods

Author: Lucy Valunos

Publisher: Amazon

Publication Date: August 7th, 2016

Genre: Spirituality, Paganism


My thoughts:

I am not new to the subject, but after a few people had recommended this book for new practitioners of polytheism, I decided to find out what all of the fuss was about.

First of all, this One Heart, Many Gods is short, more of a booklet, yet it is filled with a lot of information that can be very useful for anyone who wants to begin a devotional practice or would like to have some refresher points. I really liked that the Author did not include long rituals, as found in many other books on the subject, but rather teaches the reader how to create their own daily devotions.

She also has spent some time, talking to those not-so-abled bodied practitioners, with a care that is rare in books of this nature.  Not everyone can physically handle long ritualistic devotions, and Lucy made sure to point out how to modify the daily practice to fit the individual’s needs.

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What I also really enjoyed is, that the Author decided to place an importance on the question of why. Why do you want to build a devotional practice in the first place? Deciding and clarifying the why is important in the setting of any goals, and creating a daily devotional practice is surely an important, and sometimes seemingly daunting goal.

Lucy also mentioned Prayer Beads, which I love using in my personal practice, so I was happy to see them introduced here.

I think the only downfall is, that One Heart, Many Gods is not available in Paperback, which would have made it perfect for giving as gifts.

If you are a beginner to polytheism and want to establish a truly personal but meaningful devotional practice then read this book.

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Book Rating:

5 out of 5 Stars

Book Summary:

One Heart, Many Gods is a quick, down-and-dirty guide to building a daily devotional practice, written with the absolute beginner to Polytheism in mind.

This booklet is for you if you are a Polytheist and:

You want to honor your Gods outside of high tides and Sabbats, but you don’t know where to start.
You aren’t sure what a daily devotional practice actually looks like, or how to incorporate one into your lifestyle.
You need help forming reasonable goals in this area.
You have a good idea of what you’d like to accomplish in your devotional life, but you could use some solid suggestions of how to get there.
You’ve tried to build a daily devotional practice before, but you burned out, gave up, or became overwhelmed.
You’re a veteran to devotional Polytheism, but darned if you’ve ever figured out what to do with those prayer beads sitting on your shrine!

You should skip this one if:

You’re looking for The One Right Way of Doing Devotion. This ain’t it, and the author is allergic to that approach.
You believe ideas from other spiritual paths are useless in your own. This booklet draws on ideas from multiple traditions.
You’re looking for a comprehensive, in-depth guide to Polytheism. This is a brief introduction for beginners with a very specific focus.



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