Book Review: On Writing Wonderfully – The Craft of Creative Fiction Writing

Book Details:
Author: Pawan Mishra
Publisher: Luna Spark Books
Publication Date: December 31st, 2017
Genre: Writing, Creative Writing
My Thoughts
On Writing Wonderfully, is a short, yet powerful and informative book, that highlights important truths about writing creative fiction. I love the structure of the book, each tip headlined with a summarizing statement, that made it easy to jot down notes, and internalize the truths that the Author was trying to convey.
I love that it started with highlighting the importance of being a reader, when wanting to be a writer, something that even Stephen King has mentioned multiple times, but yet some writers seem to forget.
Another point she made, that truly spoke to me, was the suggestion to look for ideas that have deep roots in your heart. This is so important, and gives life to a story, because the connection a writer feels with the subject matter, transfers itself onto the page, and makes stories take flight – rather than producing flat plots, without any depth.
If you are looking for a quick book on writing to inspire you, then pick up On Writing Wonderfully today!
Book Rating
5 out of 5 Stars
Book Summary:
It’s hard for the aspiring writers to find a concise reference to creative fiction writing. On February 5, 2017, author Pawan Mishra delivered a video talk on “The Craft of Creative Fiction Writing” to the students of Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi. The script of the talk has ever since become a popular reference for students of the creative writing and aspiring writers.
The twenty-one fundamentals listed in the talk cover the essential aspects of creative storytelling. Each one of these fundamentals is explained in a simple way, easy enough to understand and remember.

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