Book Review: Ninja Selling by Larry Kendall

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book review, books, reading, If you are going to find Ninja Selling useful, quite depends on what kind of book you are looking for. If you expect to find a book to focus on the positive aspects of approaching any subject, including selling, that sounds more like a self-help book, then this book is for you.

But if you are looking for a book with concrete selling strategies, and a business-type fact-based book, you are not going to like it.

Ninja Selling is a lot about the positive approach to success – how to be positive, how to approach the relationship to selling and to your customers in a positive light, and how to move into a mindset of positive expectation.

Now, because of that, it is one of many books and covers nothing special that we have not already heard in many other self-help books that are in the Law of Attraction/positive thinking sphere.

Sure, there are some good points in the book – no one likes to be confronted by the pushy sales person, and of course, it emphasizes to not be exactly that, but again nothing earth moving.

Overall, it is a decent book, but nothing new, so if you already own books that emphasize on positive thinking as a method of growth and success achievement, you don’t need to read this one.


Book Summary:


Stop Selling! Start Solving!

In Ninja Selling, author Larry Kendall transforms the way readers think about selling. He points out the problems with traditional selling methods and instead offers a science-based selling system that gives predictable results regardless of personality type. Ninja Selling teaches readers how to shift their approach from chasing clients to attracting clients. Readers will learn how to stop selling and start solving by asking the right questions and listening to their clients.

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Ninja Selling is an invaluable step-by-step guide that shows readers how to be more effective in their sales careers and increase their income-per-hour so that they can lead full lives. Ninja Selling is both a sales platform and a path to personal mastery and life purpose. Followers of the Ninja Selling system say it not only improved their business and their client relationships; it also improved the quality of their lives.

Book Details


Title: Ninja Selling

Author: Larry Kendall

Publisher: Green Leaf Book Group Press

Publication Date: January 3rd, 2017

Genre: Self-Help, Business (General), Non-fiction


About the Author:


Larry Kendall holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from Kansas State University and is one of the founding partners of The Group, Inc., a real estate company with two hundred sales associates and six offices in Northern Colorado. He is the creator of Ninja Selling, a sales training system with over fifty thousand graduates in the US, Canada, and Spain.
Larry’s mission is to help people bring out the best in themselves and their organizations. He lives in Fort Collins, Colorado with his wife, Patricia.



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