Book Review: Magical Healing – Folk Healing Techniques From the Old World by Hexe Claire

Book Details:

Title: Magical Healing

Author: Hexe Claire

Publisher: Llewellyn Publications

Publication Date: July 8th, 2018

Genre: Paganism, Self-help

My Rating:

3 out of 5 Stars


My Thoughts On Magical Healing

I was born in Germany, and raised by a family who believed in the old ways of healing. This is why I jumped on the chance to review this book.


I have to disagree with the Author right from the beginning, as she mentioned that Germany has incredibly strict laws when it comes to “healing”. While some of what she says, regarding the regulations is true, Germany has a way for those who are not looking for a traditional path to medicine to practice medicine anyway – which is called Heilpraktiker, – and are recognized, regulated, and tested professionals that are allowed to heal with a combination of alternative medicines, without the supervision of medical doctors.

But I am being picky here, as this is the English version of her book, marketed to the US, and therefore the European legalities do not apply. If you happen to be in Europe reading this book – I would cross check your local laws regarding healing.

While I do not want to dismiss the fact that the healing techniques covered have relevance, and are in some cases well researched, I had to chuckle when reading a particular section on “Healing Beings”. The Author mentions that she will be talking only about healing beings native to Germany, and began her list with Apollo – who is of course, Greek. While relevant in healing, and surely the being to connect to, if you so chose, in your practice, I find this inconsistency at best annoying. If the Author wanted to talk about German healing beings, there are plenty of examples in the local folklore, she could have drawn from.

So if you are looking for something authentic, you are looking in the wrong place. If you are, however interested in general information on healing techniques, I am sure you can find some useful information within the pages of Magical Healing.

I just wish she would not have pretended it to be German, or even “Old World” Based.

Book Summary:

Nourish your physical and spiritual wellness with the old folk healing traditions of Germany. Magical Healing unites ancient ways with modern ones, teaching you about effective remedies, magical tools and correspondences, deities, and much more. In addition to providing time-tested traditions and healing knowledge, this book helps you trust in your own abilities and develop a practice that best suits your needs.

Magical Healing reveals the secretive world of those who practice traditional folk magic. Germany’s bestselling witchcraft author Hexe Claire uses her years of experience to guide you along your path of healing, showing you various techniques and how you can personalize them. Explore spells and the power of words, use plants and stones to enhance your healing, and learn to fully understand and treat illness and ailments.

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