Book Review: Invisible by Hanos – A Transformational Book That Changes The Way You Look At The World

Book Details:

Title: Invisible – The Hidden Reality Of Our Lives

Author: Hanos

Publisher: Sazmick Books

Publication Date: July 8th, 2017

Genre: Self-help, Transformational

My thoughts:

I like books that surprise me, and lately, I have been confronted with a few books, fiction as well as non-fiction who have taken me out of my comfort zone, yet were a pleasant find. Invisible was one of them.

While it pushes you to examine the way you look at your own perception of what you consider reality – and to become aware of the fact that the way you view the world is tainted by many factors – it also calls you to examine the reaction of others, who, in their own bubble, react from a sometimes different pre-conceived, or unknowingly biased viewpoint.

Keeping this truth in mind, Invisible can – if you are willing to do the work – transform you and your relationships, deeply and profoundly. Hanos manages to point out different scenarios, which seem so obvious at first, but are not, when closely examined, and through those examples, wakes up the reader to re-consider how your tainted “vision” shapes your reaction to our perception of reality and affects your relationships as well.

I have a feeling that this book is going to stick with me for a while, and I am certain that it will do the same for other readers. But, if you are looking to expand and grow as a person, I think it is important for you to allow Invisible to do so.

A must read.

Book Rating:

5 out of 5 Stars


Book Summary

If you want life to be more satisfying, but you are not interested in religion and are wary of approaches asking you to believe what you cannot yourself experience, invisible will enable you see life in a new way that you can directly know as true. This will be because you will turn your mind upon itself to see its limitations and inventions. Hanos will open the doors but you will walk through to see these things for yourself.

Along that way, we will look at many diverse areas of ordinary life and make new discoveries about what is happening, finding ways to overcome anger and shame as well as make a better connection with yourself and others.

Don’t miss this opportunity.

Give yourself this gift.


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