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book review, self-help, non-fictionBook Details:

Title: Insight

Author: Tasha Eurich

Publisher: Crown Business

Publication Date: May 2nd, 2017

Genre: Self-Help

I received a copy from the publisher in return for an honest review.

My review:

I find any book that showcases the importance of self-awareness as a part of self-growth, and successful living an important edition to one’s personal library. Some Authors are just better at executing the mission, then others. This one falls more into the latter category.

While the information in Insight is sound and based on a lot of research, I was not so happy about the presentation. Again, as I have mentioned in previous reviews,  I am not a person who likes it when non-fiction books base their teaching strategy on stories and expect the reader to learn from them, but I am rather someone who wants to learn from a more factual based presentation. And my main mission for reading non-fiction books is to learn as much as possible.

Insights contain too much fluff, too many little anecdotes that take away from the mission of the book. Worse yet, and what ended up bugging me the most is that the Author decided that it was a good idea to present factual questions and a workshop style content in the back of the book, as an appendix, rather than as a part of each chapter. Why could that not have been placed into the meat of the book?

That oversight – if Miss Eurich would have decided to place that information into the main text – would have made this barely readable book into a pretty decent and usable self-help book.

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I also don’t  quite agree with the notion that self-awareness requires a creation of core principles. I personally have found that self-awareness enables the creation of core principles, not the other way around.

There are some interesting points made throughout the book. And if you are a person who learns from stories and anecdotes you might get more out of the book than I have. I do appreciate that the Author does not promise an easy path to total self-awareness, but asks the reader for patience and commitment in the process.

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Book Rating:

3 out of 5 stars

Book Summary:

What is the secret to happiness and success? You don’t need to fix yourself. But you definitely need to know yourself.
Research shows that self-awareness – knowing who we are and how others see us – is the foundation for high performance, smart choices, and lasting relationships. Without it, it’s impossible to master the skills needed to succeed in business and life: skills like emotional intelligence and empathy, influence and persuasion, communication and collaboration.

Most people instinctively know this. After all, it’s become almost a national pastime to point out when self-awareness is lacking in the people around us: politicians, coworkers and bosses, in-laws, the friend who posts endless selfies on social media. The problem is we rarely consider whether we, too, could stand to improve on this critical skill. And making matters worse, it’s woefully rare to get candid, honest feedback on how we come across, both at work and at home.

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But it doesn’t have to be that way. Integrating hundreds of studies with her own research and work in the Fortune 500 world, organizational psychologist Tasha Eurich shows us what it takes to see ourselves more clearly: how to better understand what makes us tick on the inside, how to get others to tell us the honest truth about how they see us, and how to use this insight for greater success, confidence and self-acceptance.

Through stories of people who’ve made dramatic gains in self-awareness, she offers surprising secrets, techniques and strategies to help readers do the same – and therefore improve their work performance, career satisfaction, leadership potential, relationships, and more.

At a time when self-awareness matters more than ever, Insight is the essential playbook surviving and thriving in an unaware world.


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