Book Review: Hiking Into Trail Days – A Short Adventure on the Appalachian Trail

Title: Hiking Into Trail Days – A Short Adventure on the Appalachian Trail

Author: James Garlits

Publishing Date: November 18th, 2017

Publisher: Parva Media

Genre: Outdoors, Nature, Travel


My Thoughts On The Book:

While I used to be an avid hiker – I am not able to do so due to health issues – I still read books on the subject, simply because I love the freedom and connection of nature that this activity brings with it. Most of them, are written in a very clinical manner – more like a travel guide, but not Hiking Into Trail Days.

James Garlits manages to connect the reader to the entire experience, not as an observer but an active participant, “hiking” alongside him, as he weaves the story of his experiences throughout the Trail Days 2017. His detailed descriptions are combined with anecdotes and interesting stories, that highlight his love for the experience. Whether you are an experienced hiker, or you are someone who is following along on your couch, this well-written non-fiction book is an enjoyable read.

Included are beautifully shot photographs, that encapture the spirit of the hike and those along the trail. I caught myself wishing I had been there, and meeting all of the people he showcased so beautifully.

I may never experience the long, and sometimes difficult hikes again, that James has described so eloquently in Hiking Into Trail Days, but I surely appreciated being taken along for the “ride” via this interesting book.

I hope you will do yourself a favor and join him as well on his adventure – and maybe even be inspired to go on one yourself. The trails are waiting to be walked on.

Hiking Into Trail Days is available on Amazon right now


Book Rating:

5 out of 5 Stars

Book Summary:

Have you ever dreamt of stepping on the Appalachian Trail for a day, a week, or a season? The iconic trail has a clear voice that calls to many of us. With a burning need to put boots to rocks, but with his thru-hike still a couple of years away, the author decided to hike in and around Damascus, Virginia and then attend Trail Days 2017. The experience did not disappoint, and now you can share the journey.

Inside you’ll brush up against some favorite author/hikers have dinner with YouTube royalty, sleep with the oldest man ever to thru-hike the trail, get outpaced by a blind preacher, and answer the question of whether the trail provides.


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