Book Review: Her Relentless Russian by Leslie North

romance book, new release, Leslie NorthI received this book for free via NetGalley in return for an honest review

I am happy that I chose the third book of the Karev Brothers Series – Her Relentless Russian – , as it is much better than the first installment of the series, even if I was not as content with it, as the last series I read by Leslie North. Leslie has a talent for tying up her series very nicely, which did not happen as well with this one, as it left me still wanting more – more stories, more conclusion, more resolution. Still, I thought this series as a whole, and this book on it own was entertaining.

Usually, I recommend that you can read any of the Author’s books as a stand-alone novel, but I highly suggest that you should read the other two installments first, before diving into this novel. It makes much more sense as a series, than a stand-alone, and will make a lot more sense than if you read it randomly.

That said, I really liked this Karev brother, much better than his arrogant brothers. The female lead – Harper – is feisty, and not someone who would take being bullied into submission, no matter if it is from Dimitri, or anyone else. That was a nice change from the first book, which had a push-over female lead. I like romance novels where both main characters are equal in character.

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This book redeemed the series for me, and let some of what makes Leslie North one of my favorite romance Authors shine through.

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I received this book for free via NetGalley in return for an honest review

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Book Rating

4 out of 5 stars

Book Details:

Title: Her Relentless Russian
Author: Leslie North
Series: Karev Brothers Book 3
Publisher: Relay Publishing
Publication Date: January, 24th, 2017
Genre: Romance, General Fiction (Adult)

Warning: This is not a clean novel

Book Summary:

Rare bookstore owner Dmitry Karev left the Russian Mafia behind when his wife died, but there’s too much at stake to keep his back turned any longer. His father is dead and his brothers may be next. Someone’s been leaving Dmitry clues about the killer, but he never expected his informant to be a bombshell like Harper Allen. Now the curvy computer expert is testing not only Dmitry’s methodical nature, but his self-restraint as well. But with his family’s lives in the balance, Harper may be the best chance Dmitry’s got to catch a killer.

When hacker Harper Allen’s parents used her college money to pay off the Mafia, it was Sergey Karev who financed her education. Now that he’s been murdered, she’s repaying him the only way she can…by helping his son solve the crime. To follow the trail any further, though, she’ll have to convince Dmitry to work with her. The buttoned-up Russian seems hesitant at first, but it doesn’t take long for Harper to discover what’s beneath Dmitry’s icy cool demeanor.

As Harper and Dmitry worm their way deeper into the Russian Mafia, their chemistry becomes undeniable. But with a killer at their heels, they’ll have to stay focused if they want to stay alive.

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