Book Review: Her Hopes And Dreams by Terri Osburn

contemporary romance, novel, fiction, book review
contemporary romance, novel, fiction, book review
Before I get into the story, I will have to warn you.  Her Hopes And Dreams contains a realistic description of PTSD, as suffered by a Veteran, and domestic violence, and the aftermaths of such abuse.
Most contemporary romance novels are light in their subject matter, meddling mothers, class differences, or other obstacles finds the two main characters within the pages, keeping them apart until they finally get together.  In this case, “Her Hopes And Dreams” does not do it’s title justice because it does not only with the main character regaining faith in the possibility of relationship, and her ability to trust again – herself, and others – but also with the depth of nightmare that is PTSD for so many vets, who come home from war.  While none of that takes away from the romance, it places it grounded more into a reality that is everyday life for many. One of those people being my own husband.
Despite weaving in this heavy subject matter into this romance novel, Terri Osburn managed to keep the novel light, friendly and uplifting, without sugar-coating what each of them went through, and what they are still going through. It had me laughing and crying, shaking my head, and agreeing whole-heartily.
With two well-developed main characters and a charming cast of side characters, this book is an overall winner for me. If you have read any other books of the Ardent Spring series before this one, then you will be already familiar with Carrie, the female lead. I was not, this is my first book by the Author, and I am glad to see that it is easy to read as a stand alone book, actually, I was not aware that it was a part of a book series, until I finished reading it, and began my research on Terri Osburn.

Book Details

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars
Author: Terry Osburn
Publisher: Montlake Romance
Publication Date: November 15th, 2016

Book Summary:

As a newly single mother, Carrie Farmer isn’t quite ready to jump back into the dating pool in Ardent Springs—especially since her last marriage was such a disaster. But if anyone could entice her to wade in a bit, it would be her hunky neighbor, Noah Winchester. He’s the perfect man: strong, protective, and smoking hot. But her eyes have deceived her before, and she’s no longer willing to hand over her heart so easily.

After completing several tours in the Middle East, Noah returns to his hometown a very different man. The former soldier’s plan to rest and relax is soon waylaid by the intriguing woman next door and her heart-stealing little girl. Something—or someone—put shadows in Carrie’s lovely eyes, and he’s determined to clear them away. But when hidden demons can no longer be ignored, the couple gets a reminder from an unexpected source that love truly can conquer all.
Her Hopes And Dreams is book # 4 of the Ardent Springs Series .It is available on Amazon as Paperback and via Kindle.
I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in return for an honest review


  1. Good review, Carrie has really had an experience which she ne3ds to ne careful with so as to have the best of relationships.

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