Book Review: Happiness, Health & Humility: How to Erase Stress and Delete Distress for Good

Book Details

Author: Nantaa Masham
Publication date: December 20th, 2017
Genre: Self-Help

My thoughts

Happiness, Health, And Humility is filled with personal experiences and anecdotes that describe the authors intent of spreading a positive and healthy lifestyle, as well as how she discovered her own way to embrace happiness, health, and humility.
With that goal in mind, Nantaa has done a thorough job describing one of the many ways to achieve what she was looking for. I do not believe that any book on happiness is one volume that describes the only way to get there – considering that everyone’s definition of happiness is completely different and of course changes throughout their lifetime – but that does not take away that this book is a positive and interesting look into a personal journey from which any reader can learn a lot from.
Another positive aspect is that Happiness Health And Humility goes a lot deeper into the medical aspects of the connection of happiness and health – such as the reduction of pain through laughter and how to amuse our immune system to boost it – then I expected from a book in this genre.  As a believer in both alternative end conventional medicine, I can appreciate combining these therapies with the traditional approach to healing.
Overall this book is very thorough and very positive. Reading it will leave you in a more positive state and if this is the only thing to get out of reading this book then it already has achieved some important aspects of its objective.


5 out of 5 Stars

Book summary


Happiness, Health & Humility is a refreshing and valuable resource to a happier self, a healthier soul and a more fulfilling life. With a personal touch, inspirational poems and tips, Nantaa’s unorthodox approach to happiness identifies the deep-set causes of discontentment and provides simple but highly effective remedies to overcoming stress, bad moods, unhealthy emotions and depression. This life changing book will impact your daily life, nourish your spiritual wellbeing, put a smile on your face and help you device and plan for contentment all at the same time.

“Nantaa is an exceptionally happy person. Her fervent energy is no doubt a source of good in the world. To begin your quest of a more desirable existence–Nantaa’s words are likely to inspire.” Robert Ryan.

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