Book Review: Got Bipolar?: An Insider’s Guide to Managing Life Effectively

Book Details:

Author: Alfredo Zotti
Publication Date: January 1st, 2018
Genre: Health, Self-Help

My thoughts:

An informative, personal and educational book, Got Bipolar is filled with information that not only contains what is the conventional wisdom in dealing with this disorder but includes a holistic approach that stems from experience. The Author – a person with Bipolar Disorder- showcases just how much he cares for the struggles of the reader, by emphasizing the importance of correcting behavior and thought-pattern, and using medication only as a “crutch”, but not as a replacement for doing real work that is required in living a full life with this disorder.
I appreciated the extensive information on recovery – true recovery, not a mere masking of symptoms but rather showing the reader that it is possible to feel better and to live better.
Got Bipolar is also practical, in the sense that it highlights actions you can take right now.
What surprised me about this book was the mentioning (in detail) of the healing power of acting – especially method acting. Presented in a logical manner, this type of “self-therapy” made a lot of sense, and as someone who believes in finding alternative ways to aid in the treatment of whatever ails us, I found it an incredibly powerful new tool.
While I thankfully do not suffer from this disease, I do have people in the extended family with it, so I am grateful that I am able to let them know about this intelligent and well-written book, to aid them on their path.

Book Rating:

5 out of 5 stars

Book Summary:

Marshal the Skills and Resources You Need to Live Your Best Life!

This book is about how to recover from bipolar disorder, or at least how to attempt to recover from it. Sufferers will be briefly introduced to new coping skills including: emotional regulation, method acting, empathy development and relaxation. In order to get the most out of this book, you’ll need to develop your own strategies, based on the recommendations of this book.

“In Got Bipolar?, Zotti offers unique insights based on his personal experience of coming to terms with his own bipolar condition. Applying method acting as an emotional regulation tool mirrors the work of Marsha Linehan and her concept of ‘opposite action to the emotion’, a tool long recognized as effective in regulating emotions. Additionally, his focus on developing hobbies and interests in one’s life also reflects Linehan’s emphasis on creating a life worth living through the pursuit of meaningful activities. Zotti’s book will, no doubt, provide an invaluable guide for sufferers of bipolar disorder and I highly recommend it.”

–Paul Corcoran, Clinical Psychologist, Moving Forward

“If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder (BPD), Got Bipolar? is a good place to start to try to make sense of it all. Topics include self-care, medications, coping skills and responding to someone in crisis. Zotti has lived with BPD most of his life, so he has walked the talk. The messages are of hope, loving yourself throughout this process and, if you are looking for help with a loved one, recognizing that the person is more than just this illness.”

— Judy Wright, mental health patient advocate

“Got Bipolar? offers a framework for the sufferer in need of skills to overcome symptoms. Zotti personally uses method acting as a coping skill to reverse mood states. Even a smile has the power to shift a low mood. He covers the basics, but it is up to the readers to increase their knowledge of emotional regulation, empathy development, relaxation techniques and other coping skills. This book is a really good primer for anyone suffering from Bipolar Disorder.

— Lewis Weir, BSW


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