Book Review: Final Shadows ( A Bishop Files Novel Book 3) by Kay Hooper

Book Review: Kay Hooper - Final Shadows


Book Review: Final Shadows by Kay HooperBook Details:

Title: Final Shadows

Author: Kay Hooper


Publication Date:

Genre: Paranormal Suspense


My Review of Final Shadows


Warning: Final Shadows is not a stand-alone book. In order to understand what is going on in this book, I highly recommend that you are familiar with the entirety of the series, as well as any of the Bishop related books by Kay Hooper. That said, I really enjoyed the read.

Yes, there is not a lot of true action, instead, much of the book is centered around planning the final assault, that I will not mention, as I do not want to spoil the book. However, Final Shadows is still intense, insightful and very entertaining. Now, I have to say, that this is a paranormal novel and therefore requires the reader to suspend the normal for a little while, so if you are not willing to do that, then this book, or the entire series of books that Kay Hooper has written, is absolutely not for you. But it happens to be something I enjoy, and I consider it one of the best in the genre.

What I also loved about the book was that even the “bad guys” are not two-dimensional, something that I really do not like in many books and TV shows, where the bad person is just that – a bad person without reasons and motives. There is a reason behind the villains’ actions, one that I can understand – even if not emphasize a little bit with. Which in turn makes him very interesting and entertaining, and therefore I did not mind spending some time in his perspective during this novel. (By the way, a TV series that does this quite well is The Prodigal Son, which you can watch on Hulu – the main villain – a serial killer – is well scripted and acted)

Back to the book – In any case, I loved how familiar most of the characters felt because the individual books beforehand were able to establish a connection between me, the reader, and those characters, something that this book is not able to do – which is why I do not recommend
it as a stand-alone novel. I already care about these people, and therefore their discussions and inputs matter, which makes the conclusion satisfying. I found it fascinating how consistent the Author is with each of the character traits, and this is a large group of people to keep track of!

So, you should probably start at the beginning of the series, and work your way all the way to this book, and enjoy the intensive, psychological thrill, with more than a hint of the paranormal. The first book in the series – is called Stealing Shadows, and it is the book that got me hooked on the series and Kay Hooper in general.

If you like paranormal suspense, then you can not go wrong with this series, and book.


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Book Rating:

4.5 out of 5 Stars

Book Summary:

Tasha Solomon’s world turned upside-down when the psychic abilities she had tried so hard to live with a secret suddenly made her a target stalked by unseen enemies.

John Brodie is by nature, by training, and by instinct a Guardian. He is a member of an intricate and secretive network of individuals who have devoted their lives to the deadly struggle of saving psychics in danger of being taken or being killed. It is a war very few other people even know exists, and yet its tentacles stretch deeply and dangerously into every aspect of society.

Tasha has abilities not even she is aware of, abilities that the other side would give virtually all they possess to destroy. And if being hunted like an animal were not bad enough she has to learn how to become a warrior in a battle she did not choose, to save people she does not know, and possibly even the very world around her.

If John Brodie can keep her alive long enough. (Source.)


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