Book Review: Epicurus And The Pleasant Life by Haris Dimitriadis – An Interesting Book On The Natural Philosophy of Life

Book Details

Title: Epicurus and the Pleasant Life

Author: Haris Dimitriadis

Publisher: Independent

Publication Date: May 31st, 2017

Genre: Philosophy


My thoughts:

The first thing I want to mention is that I was not familiar with the subject. Sure, I have read books on Greek philosophy, but none featuring Epicurus, like in  Epicurus and the Pleasant Life. The subject intrigued me though, and considering that this book is available on Kindle Unlimited, I thought I would give it a try.

I was pleasantly surprised that this book was written in such a way, which made it easy for me to understand this type of philosophy despite my ignorance. Many books on philosophy miss that mark and leave me turned off from the subject, simply because how they were presented. That is not the case with Epicurus and the Pleasant Life, instead, I am actually now considering looking further into the subject.

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At its core, this book is a self-help book with spiritual undertones – not one that describes a particular devotion to a specific deity, but one that encourages the reader to find their own truth, but developing a closer relationship with their own happiness. It is more powerful than many other books who claim to be transformative, because it allows you to discover your true nature, and connects you with what brings you lasting happiness.

For someone like me, who could not find a home in stoic thought, this book makes a lot more sense, and so does the philosophy behind it. Of course, I would never suggest that a reader would suspend all critical thinking when approaching this philosophy, but I do suggest to keep an open mind and to be ready to see traditional philosophy from a different point of view.

Now that I have read this book, I can understand why it would be considered the Natural Philosophy of Life because that is what it seemed to me, natural, and instinctively correct.

Again, I want to say, that I am not familiar with the subject before reading this book, yet I found that I have enough understanding of it now after reading Epicurus and the Pleasant Life, to see that it warrants more than just a second look.


Book Rating:

5 out of 5 Stars


Book Summary: 

The idea that happiness is a choice accessible to all is far from new; the ancient Greek philosopher Epicurus developed the Natural Philosophy of life over two thousand years ago, providing practical, contemporary guidelines to finding meaning and happiness. Unlike Plato, who valued the divine logic above all, Epicurus argued that the pursuit of ideals produced by logic alone leads to inner conflict, cognitive dissonance, dissatisfaction, and even depression. He suggested that by first embracing our natural desires, then using logic to determine which choices will increase pleasure over time, and using our will to take action, we could learn and change, and achieve happiness.

Based on a worldview rooted in the reality of senses, feelings, natural dispositions, life experiences, and perceptions, this philosophy teaches us to trust our feelings, and use logic to make decisions only after we acknowledge our natural desires. That way, we will find our place in the natural world, and learn to live simply and joyfully in the company of good friends.

Join the author Haris Dimitriadis on a journey through the history of philosophical and religious thought, as well as an in-depth look at the modern neuroscience, psychology, and astrophysics, and discover why the ancient Epicurean Philosophy of Nature matters as much today as it did two thousand and three hundred years ago! The answers you will find may surprise you, for you will learn, beyond any doubt, that you, too, hold the power of self-transformation, and a blissfully happy life.


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