Book Review: Crystal Mindfulness by Judy Hall

book review, new age, crystals, judy hallTitle: Crystal Mindfulness 

Author: Judy Hall

Publisher: Watkins Publishing

Publication Date: November 22nd, 2016

Genre: New Age, Spirituality, Religion

I have been a Judy Hall fan for a while now, owning several copies of her works, including but not limited to 101 Power Crystals and The Crystal Bible (Volume One and Two), so I am very familiar with her style and work.

I love how thorough Judy is with her subject matter. Her books are references, you can go back to, over and over again, and this is not in any way different with Crystal Mindfulness. I love her meditations, as well as the always awesome photography, which does not only make this a very informative, but also a visually beautiful book.

If you are new to mindfulness, this book offers plenty of information that makes the introduction to what seems such a complex subject matter easy and gives you a chance to use crystals as your focus point. As someone who gets easily distracted, and needs visual queues to deepen my meditation, her suggestions helped a lot. And yes, you can, if you are open enough, connect, as she mentioned with the images of the crystals, if you don’t have access to the real thing.

Crystal Mindfulness is an awesome addition to my collection of books about crystals, and particularly Judy Hall’s books, which did not disappoint.

If you are new to crystals though, I do recommend that you start with her book The Crystal Bible for a more comprehensive reference on how to work with them, and integrate them into your life.

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Book Summary: 


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Have you heard about mindfulness and want to practice it but find it challenging? Crystals can help in so many ways. They have been around for millions of years and in their terms, the passing of decades is merely the blink of an eye, so they offer new ways of perceiving your life. Gazing into the depths of a crystal offers you instant clarity and stillness of mind.

Providing a point of soft focus, crystals help you to stay attentively in the present moment without judging it or needing it to change. The unique qualities of each crystal assist in switching off your mind’s chatter or compulsive thinking. Crystals can ease your anxieties, dispel your anger, show you how to forgive and let the past be, and so much more. They can help you make a decisive move (when that’s appropriate). They connect you to yourself at a very deep level.

The introduction covers what mindfulness is, how it works and benefits you, and how crystals can help you practice it. Part 1 looks at specific topics that are relevant to your mindfulness practice, such as staying grounded, becoming centered, shutting off the chattering mind and accepting yourself.

Part 2 is a comprehensive crystal mindfulness directory featuring 24 beautifully photographed crystals. Each description of the crystal and its benefits to mindfulness is accompanied by an exercise for a specific purpose, as well as other features such as keywords and a Crystal Reflection to use for instant access to inner calm. Flick through the pages until a picture catches your eye and work with the crystal as suggested, or target your crystal mindfulness practice more specifically using the book’s headings. Then tune into the crystal you need and the magic will happen.



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