Book Review: Colten Undercover by Marie Ferrarella – A Romantic Suspense

book review, romantic suspense, new release, new romance novel

book review, romantic suspense, new release, new romance novelI like romantic suspense novels and the combination of action with the building of a relationship. Colton Undercover by Marie Ferrarella, got my attention due to its promise of both.

It took a little bit, until the book got to the action part, something that I usually do not like, but the Author thankfully did not drag on too much. But once it got going, the story moved along rather quickly (honestly, a little too quick at times, struggling to find the balance between too much information, and trying to get as much activity and action into the plot as possible). A little bit better pacing would have made this good novel, a great one.

I loved the characters and not just the two main characters, but the large side cast, who should receive (hopefully) their own stories, and happy endings.

Overall, Colton Undercover was a good second book within mini-series, one that made me want to read more, even if the rest of the series will not be written by the same Author. The fact that I did not read the first book of the series, did not make this a less enjoyable read, therefore, I think it can be read as a stand-alone novel. Even though I wanted to know more about the side characters, I did not feel like I have been left hanging, or that any stories were not completed, which happens in some book series.


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Book Rating:

4 out of 5 Stars


Book Details:


Title: Colten Undercover

Author: Marie Ferrarella

Publisher: Harlequin Romantic Suspense

Publication Date: April 1st, 2017

Genre: romance, romantic suspense, General Fiction (adult)

Disclaimer: I purchased this book for myself, because it sounded good.

Warning: This is not a clean novel, with moderate R-rated content, not too explicit



Book Summary:

On the hunt for escaped criminal mastermind Livia Colton, FBI agent Josh Howard knows just where to start: the fugitive’s family. Namely, Livia’s eldest daughter, Leonor Colton, who was very close to her criminal mother. Could the alluring museum curator be hiding the Colton matriarch? Maybe.


Undercover as a billionaire art collector, Josh is invited into Leonor’s life. He’s surprised to find that the heiress, betrayed by an ex and at odds with her siblings, needs a strong shoulder, and there Josh is all ears. But when an attempt is made on Leonor’s life, Josh finds his cover is about to be blown—along with his unexpected true feelings for his Colton connection.


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