Book Review: Cheap Psychological Tricks – How to Get What You Want and Be Happy

Book Details:

Title: Cheap Psychological Tricks

Author: Perry W. Buffington

Publisher: MJF Books

Genre: Self-Help, Psychology


My thoughts:


This little book packs a lot more punch, then you may expect when you look at it for the first time. It is skinny, has a relatively plain – but cute – cover, and not much fuss, but then it is time to take a peek inside and discover it’s true depth.

Cheap Psychological Tricks covers a wide variety of subjects, from relationships to potty training, to success, and dieting. With a book that has such a wide subject range, you would think it would be shallow, but quite the contrary. While all points are made quickly – and like I mentioned without any fuzz – they are powerful in their small package and give the reader much to ponder over.

This is not necessarily a book you need to read from cover to cover – some topics, such as the parenting of small children, don’t apply to everyone – so don’t waste your time on those unless you are truly curious. Well, you never know you may be able to share your newfound wisdom with someone who is in need of a little pick me up or advice?

I truly enjoyed reading this book and will check back with it often, as I am working myself through the notes I have made – after all, what worth is a self-help book if you don’t apply what you have learned?

If you are looking for a quick read, and a few common sense tips on a wide variety of subjects, Cheap Psychological Tricks will be a perfect fit!


Book Rating:

4.5 out of 5 Stars


Book Summary:

“Sometimes patience, dedication, and old-fashioned hard work just aren’t enough. That’s when you need to turn to “cheap psychological Tricks-unusual tactics and sly strategies that will help you reach your goals in virtually any situation. With psychologist Perry Buffington as your guide, this book takes you on a tour of human behavior and shows you how to use its unexpected twists and quirks to help you (among other things): *Get a Raise *Improve your test scores without studying *Avoid Speeding Tickets *Help your baby sleep *Potty train little boys *Avoid Overeating *Make someone fall in love with you



  1. I’m intrigued! I have been reading a lot of books on happiness lately and I would love to check this out! Plus, I have always been fond of short books that get straight to the point without all the fluff! Thanks for sharing the review. Have you been able to apply many of the tips to your own life? And are they working? I would love to know!

    1. Author

      Glad that you found it interesting. Yes, I have used some of the tricks myself – one of them that sticks out at the moment is to switch from watching the news, to listening to the news, due to the emotional impact visuals have. It is a trick to stay more objective, while observing the same amount of information. Another one I enjoyed is to change asking a question of Why to Tell me more, which opens the conversation up a lot more – whys tend to frighten people away. There are a lot of others I have tried, but for the rest of them, you will have to read the book, lol. Blessings! 

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