Book Review: Capturing Darkness With Light by Mary Sago

Book Details:

Author: Mary Sago
Publication Date: April 24th, 2016
Genre: Self-Help

My thoughts:

Insightful, powerful and emotional, Capturing Darkness With Light is a well-written, comforting read, that allows the reader to embrace hope, even in darker times. The Author’s deeply personal collection of poetry and essays are filled with a sense of wonder, wisdom, and curiosity, while not shying away from examining her own reactions to life’s situations. Showcasing her personal relationship with her faith, without being preachy, Mary Sago manages to encapture beautifully written pieces, in a caring, cohesive way,  and through that, shares meaningful lessons that are timeless.

Book Rating:

5 out of 5 Stars

Book Summary:

Capturing Darkness with Light chronicles one woman’s walk through life and how knowledge, wisdom, and the love of God molds and sheds light upon one’s path. Through a collection of poetry and essays, Mary Sago takes you on a journey into her joys and pains, adversities and successes, loves and losses, hopes and dreams. Ultimately connecting with you through experience and the knowledge that we are only as free as our ability to overcome adversity through our love for humanity. It is easy to live life defined by outer experiences, but Capturing Darkness with Light gives a powerful and artfully expressed belief that we cannot let our struggles hinder our purpose.

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