Book Review: Breaking The Cowboy’s Rules by Leslie North – A Heartwarming Romance

Book Details:

Title: Breaking The Cowboy’s Rules (Wildhorse Ranch Brothers # 1)

Author: Leslie North

Publisher: Relay Publishing

Publication Date: May 2nd, 2017

Genre: Romance, Western

Warning: This is not a clean romance

I received a free copy of this book in return for an honest review

My Review:

Ah, how I enjoy sweet romances that tug at the heart strings but are just that – sweet romances, without any added drama, or something else. Every once in a while it is refreshing to read something like this, and Leslie North’s novel fulfilled that need for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed her other novels – those who are either part of ex-Seals, or include the Russian Mob – but Breaking The Cowboys Rules is different – just sweet, but not plain in any way. Of course, there are multiple brothers involved, so that we can expect at least another book in the series, but other than that, the setting and tension is different from the last few Leslie North trilogies.

Not better, or worse, just refreshingly different. And did I mention that I thought it was sweet?

This book ended up being the perfect palate cleanser between thrillers and mysteries, and more suspenseful romance novels.

Trevor and Sabrina are hard working people who seem like they come from a completely different world, but have so much in common, that they are absolutely perfect for each other. And thankfully, the Author allows them to explore that possibility, without too much outside drama, or tension that often feels manufactured, just to add unnecessary suspense.

If you are looking for a quick read, that simply deals with two people falling in love, and is in my opinion meant to be, then you should read Breaking The Cowboy’s Rules.

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My Rating:

5 out of 5 Stars

Book Summary:

Ranch owner, Trevor Wild, loves nothing more than spending his day in the saddle riding in the Texas sun. He’s passionate about being the

Also available from Leslie North

latest generation of Wild man to breed quarter horses on Wildhorse Ranch. But in the aftermath of inheriting a bad business deal the Ranch is in serious financial trouble, and this serious cowboy needs to look outside the box to save his family’s pride and joy.


Glamping guru, Sabrina Hearthstone, is the best of the best at what she does, and she could very well be Trevor’s saving grace. The blonde beauty arrives at Wildhorse Ranch ready to get the job done. She’s all business when it comes to bringing a little luxury to the leather and dirt clad Ranch. But soon she’ll realize that to renovate the Ranch for Glamping she may have to renovate it’s cowboy too.


Sabrina is tempting on a whole lot of levels for Trevor—when he gives into both her touch, and the 1,000 thread count bed sheets, he finds that she soothes his soul. However, Sabrina’s world is a difficult thing for the hardened cowboy to accept. Trevor will have to learn to accept Sabrina and her changes to his world, not only to save Wildhorse Ranch, but to save a love he never expected to find.



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