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romance novel, new release, new book,

I received this book for free as an ARC copy by NetGalley, in return for an honest review

I like fast paced books in general, but I like fast paced, action packed romance novels even better, especially when I am not just talking about the horizontal kind.  After You Were Gone, has more action and suspense than I expected. The two main characters, Julianne Boyce, and Mitchell Tucker find themselves reunited after he spent eight years in prison for killing her husband. And they have even more history. A heated history.

Gila Rock, Texas, their little town, is a typical small town with not a lot of opportunities for its residents. And on top of that, maybe because they have too much time on their hands, family feuds and gossip seems to be a common trait. Caught in the middle, Julianne and Mitchell are trying their best to survive, and make a future for themselves.

In that setting, falling once again for each other, is not the only danger they are facing.

If you like fast paced novels with heart, and action, this contemporary novel is the right thing for you. I surely enjoyed every minute of reading it.

After You Were Gone is available on Amazon right now.

Book Details:

Book Title: After You Were Gone
Author: Alexis Harrington
Publisher: Montlake Romance
Publishing Date: February, 7th, 2017

Book Rating:

5 out of 5 stars

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Book Summary

Mitchell Tucker has come back to the small Texas town of Gila Rock looking for something Julianne Boyce has no intention of giving him: forgiveness. It’s been eight years since Mitch went to jail for starting a fire that claimed her husband’s life…and longer still
since Juli and Mitch fell into a forbidden first love that their feuding families brought to an end. She’s lost too much because of his thoughtlessness to let herself fall under that familiar spell again.

But no matter how much she ignores him, Mitch isn’t leaving. Soon he’s helping out at her farm and her new store, trying to make amends, melting the cold shell Juli’s built around her heart. There’s a world of hurt and mistrust between them—but there’s also one last chance to uncover the truths that might bring them back together once more…


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