Book review: 200 Ways to Make a Salad

Book details:

Publisher: Dover Publishing
Publishing Date: Originally published in 1914
My thoughts
My first impression of  200 Ways To Make A Salad was that it had an interesting and promising title I was interested to see if it is as good as I think it could be. Then when holding it in my hands, I realized that this book is a  simple republication of a 1914 book called The Book of Salads: The Art of Salad Dressing – nothing more.
Immediately my expectations went down the drain, considering I expected to get an original book. Still, I decided to give it a chance and see if it contained some gems.  After all, it could have been updated, or had some annotations that would make it worthwhile right? Wrong!
The first thing that turns me off about this book is the fact that it didn’t have any pictures, drawings or images at all.  In a cookbook images are incredibly important, they are a part of the presentation, the part of what makes people hungry for cooking. Without it, it is simply a collection of written recipes, nothing special. Sure, the original would not have contained any images, but I don’t see what kept the publishing company from adding images now? It seemed like a cheap copy and paste job, rather than a revamping of a classic.
Names such as Vegetable Salad Ala Princess also showcased how outdated this book is,  with a lot of names of the salads turned into French, or giving a French flair, which was meant to make them special. Yet there was nothing special about them – at all – at least not by the standards of our time, and after all, that is who this book is targeting now. There was nothing added, no updates, the publisher simply copied the original text, and wants us to purchase it now – which is such a lazy way of doing things, and in my opinion dishonest. I am saying that, because the book (due to its age), is no longer protected under copyright law, and therefore available for free on the internet. Unless you are crazy enough to actually pay for it. No worries, I was not. I got the book sent to me from the publisher, in exchange for a review.
Do not waste your time and money purchasing this book instead get the free version or go to Amazon and find one of the many up-to-date visually appealing, well-written cookbooks that are out there on the market at the moment.
Book rating
 1 out of 5 stars

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