5 Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself When Reading Non-Fiction Books


Non-fiction books of any category can be extremely helpful, enlightening and in some cases life-changing. The category of non-fiction books I want to discuss today is mostly self-help, but these questions can be used to get the most out of your reading experience, in other sub-genres as well


5 Questions You Should Ask When Reading Non-Fiction


  1. How can I turn what I learned into an action step that relates to my goals? While having goals is fine, actions will get you there, and every information you read can either get you further toward your goals if applied or take you away from them. If you ask yourself that question, you can develop a strategy of deliberate actions toward your life goals.
  2. How does this apply to my life and to my goals? If you can not discern immediately what action steps you can take from what you just read, then you should contemplate how the content relates to your goals, and maybe open a different mindset that you can then apply.
  3. How can I translate this to fit my career or aspirations? Some books contain unexpected gems of wisdom that can aid you in the professional, not just personal aspect of your life, even if they are not specific business-related books. Explore how you can utilize this info to further your job skills.
  4. Who can I share this with? Teaching another person the information you just learned not only enriches their lives, but it also solidifies the information for yourself, therefore benefiting both your friend or family member, as well as you. Also, the unique insights of another person on the same subject may unlock aspects of the books you shared that you might not have thought about before.
  5. What can I read/watch or experience do deepen the knowledge that I just required? If you got a lot of value out of the non-fiction book, you may want to further your studies by visiting a Skillshare course or reading another book on the subject, or aspect of it. Do not stop with one book, take advantage of every opportunity to explore deeper, and if possible explore it by using the means of another medium, such as an online course, or by watching a documentary.



Nonfiction books are an enriching and life-altering resource if we are willing to dig deep into their pages. I hope this encouraged you to reach for more non-fiction books.



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