5 Book Characters I Wish Were My Family Members

5 Book Characters I Wish Were My Family Members

5 Book Characters I Wish Were My Family Members

As a child, I often fantasized about how it would be to live inside of the world of the books I loved. From the stories of Mowgli to the Neverending Story, these books mesmerized me as much, as Harry Potter charmed my kids.

But even today, some characters I come in contact with make me wonder how nice it would be to have them as family members.

Celeste from the Eternity Spring Series by Emily March – Grandmother. I absolutely adore Celeste, the spunky, and if need to be a feisty senior citizen of Eternity Springs that holds them all together. She is the one who has brought Angels into their life – or at least brings people together who can rescue each other. One of the most charming, and caring characters I have read in a long time. And I love her name!


The Weasley’s from the Harry Potter book series – Parents. While I am even more in love with the mother, Molly – who is a fierce Witch who will turn on you,  if you messed with her children, or those in her care, I also love the complimenting personality of Arthur Weasley, who was more concerned about his principles, and what he considered to be right or wrong, rather than putting profit before his convictions. What they had plenty of was love, and the ability to raise and nurture their children to be the individuals they all were meant to be – their best possible self.


The Kelly Brothers from the KGI series by Maya Banks – Brothers. Loyal, and protective, yet supportive without being smothering, these men not only are devoted to their wives, to the point of being willing to die for them, they also show the same concern and devotion to the other female members of their family (none of them weak individuals, mind you!). The Kelly household is close and nurturing. They would be an awesome rock to lean on when needed.  (because I am not sure how many Kelly men there are exactly, I am counting them all as 1)

Einstein from Watchers by Dean Koontz – pet dog. Yes, I consider pets to be an essential part of my family – I have four rescues at the moment, two dogs, and two cats – so it is no surprise that a dog made the list. Before Dean Koontz changed the way he wrote and became so much darker, he wrote one of the most memorable dog characters I have ever encountered. Einstein, a fierce, beautiful dog who is a lot smarter than most people – and I mean that literally – has left a deep impression on me, even though it has been more than 10 years since I read the book last.



Question: What are the book characters that have touched you the most, and whom you would love to make a part of your family if it was possible? I am looking forward to hearing your answers.






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