5 Awesome Bookmarks That Make Reading Even More Fun

I love books, well duh, but I also love book accessories, to the point that my husband sometimes shakes his head at my collection. Still, I can not help myself, collecting interesting things related to books the same way I collect books – with enthusiasm. And who can resist some of those awesome little treasures, such as bookmarks that make reading time, even more fun.

Here are my 5 current favorite bookmarks:


 Novelty Zipper Bookmark Page Marker

I think these are super cute, especially for a child. They come in a set of three, in assorted colors, which is awesome, because I always read more than one book at a time. Before you ask, and according to other reviewers, a lot of people have asked, the zippers on those bookmarks don’t work, but they do exactly what they are supposed to do. 1. Be cute 2. Hold the spot of the book for you.





CROCOMARK Crocodile Bookmark by Peleg Design

Speaking of cute, these unique crocodile bookmarks are so much fun!

Sitting on the top of your marked page, these adorable green bookmark creatures are durable and fun.








Fred & Friends SPROUT Little Green Bookmarks 


Do you love plants, the outdoors, or read a lot of books about gardening? Even if you are not, these little green sprout bookmarks are a cute way to hold your place in a book. They come in a pack of six and are made out of soft, bendable silicone, which I love because they do not have harsh edges to cut your book (or those you borrowed from the library). What is not to love?





Mziart Set of 4 Fashion Metal Bookmarks with Leather String, Gold Plated


This set of gold plated bookmarks look and feel a lot more delicate than the ones I have mentioned before, but they are just as functional. I adore the angel the most, but I also love the other three in the set, which are a key, a palm leaf, and a feather. Makes a great gift!








Wicked witch bookmark


This bookmark is so much fun! Handmade, and sold via Handmade By Amazon (think Etsy, but with the Amazon guarantee), this bookmark made me giggle. It is well made, the material is polymer clay, and it is painted beautifully. Besides this funny wicked witch bookmark, this Handmade by Amazon seller, also has Harry Potter themed bookmarks, as well as ghosts, dragons, and many more.





I hope you enjoyed these adorable and unique bookmarks as much as I have.





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