Welcome To Within The Pages Of A Book, a blog about book news, book reviews, and anything that is related to the wonderful world of reading and booOccasionallyally, you will also see a note or two about my reading buddy, Charlie, a 5 year old rescue  cat, who seems to be everywhere I read and write, whether it be on my desk, on my notes, or on top of the books I am  trying to read. With his fur as my constant companion (I hope you are not allergic), there will be the rare reading break so he gets some attention as well.
So if you like books and cats, you are in the right place.

What You Can Expect From Within The Pages Of A Book

I will feature books from many genres, ranging from contemporary romance, thrillers and urban fantasy, to non-fiction titles, that sparked my interest. You will also find some Author interviews, news on giveaways I have found around the web, and stuff that people who love to read would enjoy. I personally am a big fan of book subscription boxes, and will keep you updated whenever I find a gem, I think you might enjoy as well.

In addition you will see the occassional film review, especially if it is based on a book. I don’t just love to read, but also to watch entertaining movies. As an aspiring screenwriter, my love for words and for cinema are inseperaple, so it would be impossible for me to contain my exitement and opinion about a film.

Of course, Charlie will make its appearance as well, as my life would be a lot more boring (and less fury) without this  constant presence, and willingness to overlook what he considers my dogs faults – such as their occassional awkward  attempts to play with him, when all he wants is a nap (on a stack of books, naturally).

What I will not write about here are other topics that pertain to life. I have another blog for that.
You can find me writing about business, marketing, and blogging, related topics on “Miss Fiercely Independent”. You can visit me there, or find me at the Wealthy Affiliate University’s community website, where  I also write training modules and marketing tips for community members.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. I am looking forward to connecting with you!

Happy Reading!