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I received Vegan: 1o1 Delicious Chocolate Vegan Diet Recipes for free in return for an honest review I love chocolate, and so does my vegan daughter, but finding recipes we both will find satisfying, while not feeling that we are depriving ourselves, are not always the easiest thing to do, especially without having to resort to some crazy ingredients that are hard to find. Thankfully this book covers our chocolate cravings

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As a parent of one vegan daughter, a vegetarian son, a husband who loves to eat meat, and me trying to just eat clean and healthy, it is difficult to find a constant supply of recipes and cookbooks that will make everyone in my family happy. On top of that, some cookbooks either need crazy ingredients, or outlandish tools, that are expensive and take away space, I frankly don’t have.

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While I do not follow the raw food lifestyle, nor am I a vegan (my daughter is vegan, my son is a vegetarian), I try to incorporate raw meals into my weekly menu, as I believe in the health benefits of adding raw meals into a clean, healthy lifestyle. Finding great raw meals, however, is not always that easy, and especially not if you are looking for something else than

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It is Hot Tea Month! Perfect for this cold weather we are having here, so today, I wanted to share with you fitting of this months theme: If you like hot tea (or any type of tea, actually), then I highly recommend this delightful tea book called Tea: A Recipe And Guidebook by Jenna Mars. While it is a short read, I truly enjoyed the details and heart that was